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CreatorsTV: The Platform for Compelling Stories Worth Celebrating

This New York Fashion Week, get ready to be acquainted with the rising digital TV network that is setting the stage for creatives all around the world. Forging through the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic is Naomi Alabi’s CreatorsTV.

CreatorsTV is an American fashion digital subscription video on demand (SVOD) specifically curated to reveal what lies behind the curtain for internationally loved brands. The network is set to be the latest addition to New York-based entrepreneur Naomi Alabi’s Street Society – the growing and leading platform for designers and free-thinkers.

The idea for Street Society to nurture and accelerate emerging designers, turning their creative concepts into sustainable businesses, was inspired by Naomi’s struggles and successes. An artist herself, Naomi Alabi is well aware that the road to recognition and establishment in the creative industry is rarely lined with rose petals. 

Growing up, Naomi always knew she wanted a career in fashion. As a first-generation Nigerian American from a single-parent home, there were more pebbles in her shoe that she had to shake off than most. She encountered problems trying to understand the American culture and had trouble envisioning the path that her dream would follow.

Having experienced firsthand the difficulties of securing a spot in the industry’s evolving stage, Naomi Alabi found purpose in supporting her fellow creatives. With this mission in mind, she built the game-changing Street Society from scratch and made it the home of her passion.

Street Society is the brightest spotlight in the industry for passionate creatives. One of its divisions, Street Fashion Week, is the world’s only platform for Streetwear designers. The division boasts an overwhelming all-star roster of over 140 talented individuals who get to strut their stuff each season during the New York and LA Fashion Week.

This year was supposed to be no different. The preparation for the collection was underway, and Street Society was buzzing with energy when, all of a sudden, the pandemic struck. Street Society was forced to come to a complete halt. Finding opportunity in adversity, Naomi Alabi remained determined not to let the spotlight flicker and launched CreatorsTV. 

Gearing up for this season’s Street Fashion Week, Naomi thought that if people could not come to the show, she would bring the show to them. CreatorsTV will make catwalks out of living rooms as the network brings New York Fashion Week to the homes of virtual attendees.

The fun does not end there, however. Naomi also plans to produce a variety of shows featuring the start-up stories and inspiration of well-loved brands. The programming for CreatorsTV will include ‘Road to Street,’ ‘I got next up,’ ‘Street Society,’ ‘BossedUp,’ and a lot more – all fashioned to set a new stage for Street Society’s favorite creatives. 

In the coming years, Naomi Alabi’s CreatorsTV is set to become the number one go-to resource for heartwarming content, highlighting the stories of successful designers. “We hope to graduate from documentary-style content to bigger production,” Naomi reveals. “Scripted series, competition-style shows, and much more.”

There’s more to see from Naomi Alabi’s newest venture. Know all the celebrated creatives by checking out CreatorsTV on Roku, Firestick, AppleTV, or through its official website.