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Credit Repair Kings Extends a Hand to Boost Credit Score

Credit Repair Kings

Attaining a good credit score is an extremely beneficial advantage. With a good credit score, one can avail low interest rates on credit cards and loans, be highly likely to get approved for loans, receive comparatively better car insurance rate, and many more. However, there are people who have derogatory items on their record that deprive them from these benefits. Credit Repair Kings is here to assist them in their financial challenges. 

In 2019, the average FICO score in America is 695. However, one out of five Americans aged 20 to 29 are not aware of the status of their credit scores. To add insult to injury, 68 million under this age bracket have credit scores lower than 601.

Considering this appalling conundrum, Credit Repair Kings is setting their eyes on this population to help them better their score. However, their services are not just exclusive for them, but also for people who are interested in building or fixing their credit scores.

Because of the pandemic, millions of families have struggled and thousands have lost their jobs. Consequently, this resulted in an influx of possible clients who require the services of credit repair companies. 

“We are helping these individuals by educating them about credit and helping them with their financial goals to get back on track. If you’ve been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you are likely wondering how to increase your credit score and maintain that growth once the pandemic has run its course.”

Roland Reznik, CEO of Credit Repair Kings, together with his team of credit score specialists provide a free consultation for their clients. After discussing the objectives of the consultation, Credit Repair Kings lay out a complete flowchart of what to do. Additionally, their clients do not have to do the tedious work as the company shoulders the leg work. 

According to Mr. Reznik, Credit Repair Kings stands out in the competition as they know the crevices and complexities of credit. Their hands-on services and bona fide specialists are the forces that keep the business going and the company flourishing. Moreover, the combined 25 years of experience in the industry is a testament to their unquestionable performance.

Seeing clients achieve the financial goals of their clients serves as the motivation for Mr. Reznik to continue his brand. He said that helping their clients save thousands of dollars and get back on track through an improved credit score brings a smile to their faces.

Knowing that a good credit score can significantly increase numerous financial opportunities, Mr. Reznik plans on extending their services to more people in the next five years. He sees himself educating people and improving thousands of credit scores. Moreover, his goal for Credit Repair Kings is to shape it into a leading agency in the industry. Apart from arranging speaking engagements, he is also looking into the possibility of expanding outside Miami, Florida. 

Head to their website to check out what Credit Repair Kings has to offer. You can also get updates on their Instagram page, @creditrepairkings. Follow Roland Reznik on Instagram, @iamrollierez, for updates. 

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