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Crown Digital Agency: A One-Stop Shop for all Digital and Social Media Marketing Needs

Many businesses and entrepreneurs have adopted the modern click-and-order business model, veering away from the traditional brick-and-mortar business model in today’s post-pandemic world. This new approach helps companies and aspiring entrepreneurs cater to a more extensive customer base worldwide while drastically reducing management costs. However, a significant challenge that plagues most businesses is establishing an online presence and growing an online audience. To help aspiring entrepreneurs create a highly optimized website and succeed in the digital space, digital marketing expert Abdallah Hawshar has made it his mission to equip them for success through his marketing firm, Crown Digital Agency

Crown Digital Agency is a full-service social media management company specializing in managing social media pages and running successful campaigns for individuals and businesses, especially startups. The digital agency uses its vast resources to help companies and entrepreneurs promote their digital content through tailor-fitted strategies suited to their marketing goals, thus effectively scaling their businesses to generate maximum revenue and profitability. As part of its essential services, the company also assists businesses large and small looking to broadcast their messages more efficiently and grow their social media presence.

The complete digital marketing service offered by Crown Digital Agency also includes consulting and management options for businesses of all sizes and sectors and other digital media firms. “Crown Digital Agency conducts marketing activities not only to aid customers in developing their companies but also to find opportunities for agency growth and development, as well as to widen the agency’s workforce’s expertise and capabilities,” explained founder and CEO Abdallah Hawshar.

One unique attribute that has cemented Crown Digital Agency‘s outstanding reputation in the digital marketing space is its unrivaled use of various result-driven online marketing tactics to help clients map out and solve their challenges while highlighting their unique selling points through excellent visuals and customer service reviews, which are essential for customer satisfaction, customer retention and sales. As a result, the digital agency has been an instrumental partner in the success of several companies, especially startups.

At the helm of the company is a trailblazing entrepreneur and social media expert, Abdallah Hawshar. Before veering into digital marketing, Abdallah was an aviation mechanic, but he continued to nurture an interest in the business world, particularly in the digital sector. “I have always been passionate about meeting new people,” he shared. 

Taking giant strides towards achieving his goal, the go-getter pursued his interest and enrolled at the University of Balamand, El-Koura, Lebanon, to study Mass Media and Communication. He furthered his bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree in Digital Marketing.

In 2020, the world was devastated by the COVID-19 global pandemic, with stay-at-home orders and lockdowns putting everything at a standstill. Yet, amid the chaos, Abdallah took the opportunity to further his digital marketing and social media skills and earned much-coveted certificates from Google, Boston University through edX, and the Open Media Institute (OMI), among others. 

Today, the firebrand entrepreneur uses his vast skillset to develop result-driven marketing strategies and manage social media pages for renowned businesses. On top of that, he is also an avid NFT collector, investor and creator who is passionate about the crypto world and seeking new and upcoming digital trends and projects.

What started as a one-person shop has blossomed into a full-service digital marketing agency boasting a unique, close-knit team committed to the ideas that founded the company’s success. Crown Digital Agency’s impressive digital and social marketing achievement marks a great future. The organization is set on expanding globally, hoping to help businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs with opportunities that will help them create wealth and, in turn, mold them into more informed and seasoned entrepreneurs in the years to come.

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