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Crypto Assassins Creating a Brotherhood of Crypto Enthusiasts Set to Dominate the NFT Industry

Non-fungible tokens are an informative way to get started in the world of cryptocurrency. They allow for investors with little or no knowledge about blockchain technology, which makes them perfect even if they’ve only just heard buzzwords. However there is still plenty that needs exploring when it comes down to these new collections since cybersecurity risks along with fraudulent giveaways can’t be overlooked.

Blockchain trading is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things to happen in recent years, but even for those who are closely acquainted with its inner workings can make mistakes when dealing with things like NFTs (non-fungible tokens). That’s why Crypto Assassins wants everyone on board their community designed just for token holders so that they’re never lost.

The Crypto Assassins are a set of 8,888 tokens based on the Solana blockchain. The specially curated drop is one of this year’s most anticipated drops, made with over 375 unique attributes that belong to five different factions. Each token is unique and has a different set of characteristics. They are hand-drawn stealthy assassins who have lurked in the shadows for generations and secretly changed history.

The Brotherhood is an exclusive society of digital nomads and equity-achieving members who are united in their goal to create opportunities for each other. Minting a Crypto Assassin will give you access to this elite community, and everyone in the community is expected to abide by The Creed. The Creed is a set of rules that are put in place to keep the community safe, like never engaging in pump and dumps and never distributing information about projects before doing extensive research. These rules are designed specifically so that all the people in The Brotherhood can work together toward creating wealth through innovation.

Unity and camaraderie are very important to The Brotherhood. As they’ve explained, “From the elite chat to our standard level and then the general public, Crypto Assassins are here to assure that when one of us eats, we all eat — and if a turn in the road leads to loss, we take death before dishonor. When you see a project on Crypto Assassins, you know it’s not about compromise — it’s about enterprise and the kind of opportunity that will change the world, just as assassins have done for generations.”

The Crypto Assassins are now gearing up for their target: the upcoming launch of their collection and the new members’ initiation into The Brotherhood. This will take place on December 1. 

Learn more about Crypto Assassins by checking out the website, Twitter, and Discord server.

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