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Crypto Gang: The NFT Collection Which Aims to Solve Real-World Problems

Ten new gangs will be taking over the NFT scene, and they are ready to create an impact in the real world. Crypto Gang is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs that aims to embody the reality of today’s world. The highly-collectible artworks all belong to specific gangs that reflect the diversity in society. 

Crypto Gang will have ten gangs in total, and each gang will represent one of the top ten cryptocurrencies that exist in the landscape today. The ten gangs in the collection have different values and operating ways, but they all have one thing in common: to disrupt the status quo and make the world a better place for everyone.

Besides its captivating 2D art style, the Crypto Gang also bears real-world necessities. The founders have tied each NFT with exclusive perks such as staking, royalties, an apparel line, and, most importantly, being part of a community. Furthermore, the founders stressed that most of their proceeds would be donated to worthy organizations to help fix pressing issues around the world, especially in Haiti and the United States. 

“We are a culture established in 2016 dedicated to spreading the Crypto Gospel to the masses,” shared the founders. “We are a family, community, and movement that came about to stimulate growth together as a unit. There are no secrets here. You can only become a part of the gang if you are truly willing to share any information that helps other fellow members grow not only financially but most importantly with knowledge,” they added. 

Furthermore, the founders understand that in order to attract investors in today’s heavily cutthroat NFT market, a collection has to stand out through utilities that will continually provide holders with added value. Hence, through various staking efforts, the Crypto Gang NFT will surely set itself higher than the rest of the pack.

The Crypto Gang NFT will be launching a comic book series  one month after its mint date, and all holders will be given copies of the comic books for free. In addition, every holder will be entitled to passive income through a unique system where 8% of taxes will be redistributed back to the people. The royalties will be divided into reasonable percentages. They will be directly redistributed to the community, given away to five lucky winners, and fueling the collection’s efforts to help charities through the official Crypto Gang Non-Profit organization.

The charity donations will be used to help victims of the devastating earthquake, hurricane, and political turmoil in Haiti. The Crypto Gang will build a community of five duplexes in Labadee, Haiti, for the victims and their families. The team also aims to address food security issues, providing money for families across the country to help them be sustainable for a few months. 

“If you take a look around, a true crypto community that you can rep proudly is still non-existent. We are here to change that and become the first to do so. This is just the beginning of a true social club that will be enjoyed for generations to come,” shared the founders.

This coming December 28, there will be a video launch on the ‘birth of Crypto Gang’ minted at 2 SOL exclusively with 250 pieces available to mint. Presale will be on January 10, 2022 starting with 3,000 pieces at 1.5 SOL. While 7,000 pieces are available for minting two days after on January 12, 2022.The NFTs will be available on the Solana network. Learn more about Crypto Gang here.

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