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Cyber Pugs NFT Collection Plugs into Animal Love to Create a Collection with Unique Traits

The first quarter of 2021 has seen non-fungible tokens making a sweep off the digital world. These assets that contain authenticity and ownership certificates have increased momentum to become highly talked about and valued among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The value that NFT enthusiasts have attached to NFTs can be attributed to their potential to rake in revenue as well as give artists, creators, and celebrities a  chance to create projects capable of making a difference in the world. With all the hype around NFTs, a highly anticipated project is set to drop this December, and it invites young teenagers, investors, and dog lovers into its financial freedom plans.

At its core, the Cyber Pugs NFT collection is all about giving to the world and promoting the welfare of dogs in every possible capacity. Cyber Pugs NFT holds high hopes that its entrance into the NFT world will make a significant difference by appealing to both newbies and existing investors in the NFT world. The collection features 10,000 unique tokens hosted on the Solana network with the promise that no two tokens from the collection are the same.

Cyber Pugs have between 30 to 50 unique traits, which is a remarkable number compared to most NFT projects. With the collection’s interesting backstory as narrated on the website, dog lovers are bound to feel the pull toward this new NFT token. On the website, the creators shared, “In the near future, the pup world has gone through several changes. With resources scarce, society is in disarray, and technology is not fulfilling the puppies’ needs. All the puppy races have gathered to make the tough call on which is the most useless of them all: the chihuahuas or the pugs. After a vicious battle, it was decided that the pugs would be banished from the pup world.” 

Further describing why the Cyber Pugs are making a return, the creators revealed, “The pugs were forced to settle on the barren and inhospitable scraps island and years later, they have evolved into a new, vicious, stronger and more technologically-advanced breed.”

These impeccably designed pieces of art will cost 2 SOL to mint, and by December 12, dog lovers and NFT collectors will be able to mint them. The creators of the project have created a remarkable roadmap that covers different milestones at different mining stages. The Cyber Pugs collection plans to release a theme song and a comic book. They will also release a merchandise collection for holders of the token to purchase as a way to identify with the project.

Now, with the launch date drawing closer, the creators have expressed optimism about the type of attention the project will attract. They have also marked a $200,000 donation to charity organizations focused on dog and animal welfare once the NFT reaches 100% minting stage.

Learn more about Cyber Pugs on the collection’s website or follow the official social media pages via Instagram and Twitter.

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