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Dangerous Dinosaurs Is Bringing the Prehistoric Behemoths to the NFT Market in the Hopes of Encouraging Future Investors

In today’s day and age, it’s hard to talk about digital marketing without acknowledging the booming existence of non-fungible tokens or most commonly known as NFTs. This piece of digital technology has made headlines worldwide back in 2021 and continues to do so as more and more people join in the NFT crusade. NFTs, like their name suggests, has an evident hallmark of being non-fungible or non-interchangeable, meaning that it is unique and can’t be replaced with anything else, just like an artwork in a museum, only digital. They can be anything at this point, like digital artwork, photos, music, animated GIFS, videos, and so much more. 

Despite the speculations swirling around NFTs, they have established their worth in the digital market through remarkable instances. Now, the NFT market has tripled in size, and plenty of brands are jumping on the wagon to exhibit their very own projects that could one day alter the course of how NFTs are perceived – at least, this is what the creator of Dangerous Dinosaurs has in mind with their upcoming NFT project.

Dangerous Dinosaurs are 500 unique NFTs that are ready to be minted as soon as they hit the market. Each prehistoric behemoth in the collection is imbued with random unique characteristics or attributes by the dinosaur’s given accessory – they could be common, rare, epic, or legendary. Depending on the rarity of the particular attachment, the higher its value, a characteristic that the developer infused to make it more interesting. For example, a Dino could possess rarer accessories: golden teeth, unique tattoos, and tuxedos. Those mentioned above will be in the epic and legendary rarity groups.

Each Dangerous Dinosaur NFT in the collection can be minted at the low price of 0.05 ETH ($185), a far cry from those projects that cost an arm and a leg just to mint. Providing holders with low minting prices lowers the risk for investors and offers beginners a chance to participate without the threat of losing much. 

Although there has been an influx of numerous NFT projects, several characteristics set Dangerous Dinosaurs apart from its competition, including its being limited, the affordability, and the uniqueness of the NFT itself. Because there are only 500 of these Dinos made, it is more likely that their values would go higher, a factor in causing the resale market to be bought up. Another element that makes these Dangerous Dinosaur NFTs distinct is that each artwork and accessory is designed differently. Most of all, there is no generating involved.

The project is aimed at young investors who wish to dip their toes in the NFT market without worrying about the high risks. “These people will be part of the NFT’s future since they are fairly young and have a lot of potential when it comes to investing. Moreover, with crypto being seen as the future, I want to target people who wish to be part of the digital revolution,” the developer shared. 

To learn more about Dangerous Dinosaurs, check out its Twitter and Instagram, or one can join their dedicated Discord server.

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