Darrin Smith Reveals Real Estate Flipping Secrets

Darrin Smith

House flipping has become an increasingly popular form of trade in the past few years, and there is no one in the industry more masterful at it than Darrin Smith, who has been in the business of flipping real estate property since 2012. Darrin is the genius behind 9 to 5 Flipping, where he holds masterclasses on flipping and reveals his secrets on how to make over $50,000 in only three months.

Since 2012, Darrin Smith has been investing in real estate while working a full-time job. Even though he has treated it as his side hustle, he has managed to flip over 400 properties, including wholesaling and renovating. In addition to this, he owns a few rentals as well. A regular working-class man, Darrin Smith, has managed to pay off his debts and break generational curses through his real estate work. His work also manages to make an impact in his community. Through flipping, he takes distressed properties and turns them into beautiful, safe homes for families to settle in.

To help others do the same for their communities, Darrin Smith holds live masterclasses every other week, where he teaches others the secrets to successful flipping. Through 9 to 5 Flipping, he has helped over 400 students make over $50,000 collectively in the last three months alone.

What draws people to Darrin is his authenticity. Unlike other house-flipping gurus, he never preaches to his students to quit their jobs to embrace flipping full time. Instead, he teaches them how to leverage their nine-to-five job to help them excel in the flipping trade.

Over the years, Darrin Smith has acquired a keen business sense and reliable wisdom when it comes to real estate. His biggest edge over his competition is the length of the course at 9 to 5 Flipping. While others require weeks of lectures and training, Darrin can do it all in an intensive four-day crash course. Prior to each day, he gives his students action items and homework to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons. Making their learning his priority, Darrin ensures that he makes himself accessible to his students for any questions they may have.

What motivated him to start this brand was to disprove the common notion that one does not need money, good credit, or even a real estate license to get started. Many people think they need to have construction experience or have all the time in the day to enter the trade. Darrin Smith is a full-time government employee and successful house flipper who is able to churn out $10,000 to $20,000 a month in real estate despite his other commitments.

In the future, Darrin Smith hopes to help over a million ordinary people get started in real estate investing in order to attain financial freedom. Now, more than ever, house flipping has become an even better opportunity because of the chance to make thousands in sales without physically meeting with any buyer or seller.

Learn more about Darrin Smith on 9 to 5 Flipping.

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