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Ded Stark on Growing a Cult Following in Indie Music

Ded Stark is an entirely self-sustained and self-produced independent artist. With over fifty all-original self-produced songs and twenty music videos, he is about as underground as they come.

Ded Stark avoids labels. His beats draw inspiration from new wave, cloud rap, and trap music, but his lyrics are not hip-hop when broken down or read on paper. He avoids labeling himself as a rapper or even a hip-hop artist if he can help it because he feels as though it limits his artistic creativity.

Ded Stark describes himself as more of a mix between different types of non-hip-hop influences with a hip-hop/trap core for the beats, which makes it hard to categorize his music. He almost writes indie-pop music disguised as some form of hip-hop with a blues, grunge, reggae, or rock sonic undertone because of what he grew up with. He is neither pop punk nor goth. All the while, he has been holding his own in his alt wave and pop punk adjacent genre, staying in his own lane, and trying to find a good place to host his music and find a platform.

Over time, Ded Stark has accumulated somewhat of a cult following, having tapped into the mood and aesthetic sub-scenes that populate the underbelly of the internet. With no manager, he has been able to make waves in his “underground” scene, making a lane of his own for those fans of “sad” and “alternative” hip-hop music that want something different from the typical goth or “emo” sound.

His usual listeners are international fans of underground music and mainstream music. Many of his fans are people who like moody, emotional, inspirational, or introspective music who want to find music that speaks to them.

Despite this extraordinarily collaborative music scene, Ded Stark never collaborates at all. He plays all the guitar parts by himself and makes all the beats by himself. He writes, records, edits, and engineers all the vocals by himself too. This has proven to be a blessing and a curse, as it indeed helps him stand out a lot. However, it also eliminates a lot of collaboration growth opportunities, which seems to be one of the main ingredients in many underground artists’ success. Nevertheless he doesn’t skip a beat, releasing more and more solo songs faster and faster, as if to prove that he can do this all on his own.

Ded Stark’s music career came together very naturally. He has been obsessed with music his whole life. His brand is an amalgamation of all his past musical experiences and endeavors. He has been playing guitar since he was just in elementary school, and he has been in bands, singing, songwriting, making beats, and rapping for many years now. As an adult, all he wants to do is make music, so his choice to become a musical artist came naturally.

Ded Stark wants to have over 100 all original songs out in the next couple years or less, and a ton more albums and videos as well. Right now, he is focused on building his catalog and growing as an artist. As long as he’s alive, he’ll be working on his art.Check out Ded Stark’s music for free on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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