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DFS Retreats and Rene Partners to Secure Travelers

DFS Retreats and Rene

Insurance tech startup Rene is partnering up with DFS Retreats (Disciplined Free Spirits Retreats) to help bring more protection to travelers in these unprecedented times. The rise of COVID-19 cases all over the world has brought more danger to traveling. The partnership between the two trailblazers marks a new movement that will bring more safety and security to travelers.

30-year-old travel expert Divina Michael started the retreat organizing company. The Orange County-based free spirit had always dreamt of starting her own business even at an early age. She started with creating and selling custom Volcom Stone cutouts when she was eleven years old. In the last few years, she has been living with her new philosophy. It was then that she found the inspiration to start DFS Retreats.

The retreat organizing company designs and hosts international travel experiences for female entrepreneurs to far-flung destinations like Bali. “As entrepreneurs, we have been taught to hustle and grind,” shares Divina. “I say we should align and flow. That is what my retreats will teach each guest to do in pursuit of their goals.”

Michael infuses adventure, relaxation, discussion, fitness, and other key aspects of self-realization into her travel retreat programs. Each day, travelers participate in guided experiences designed to support their personal — and professional — growth. Michael said that “DFS Retreats is about building a supportive, uplifting community for our fellow female entrepreneurs.” She believes that by helping participants at her retreats ditch fruitless routines in favor of meaningful and purposeful action, women can address both life and business priorities with a growth mindset and creative solutions poised for success.

One of the core values of DFS Retreats is promoting the guests’ health and well-being while traveling. As a way of providing this, the company is working on a partnership with Rene. This collaboration ensures that programs by DFS have the necessary coverage they need and where they need it.

Since the rise of the coronavirus crisis, the travel industry has taken a huge hit. Today, tourism has become more dangerous than ever. The crisis has dramatically illustrated the importance of having convenient and reliable healthcare, especially when traveling. Rene answers that problem with a revolutionary solution. This service provides tailored travel insurance paired up with telemedicine services, wellness programs, and healthcare access, no matter where you are.

Rene has been building partnerships with luxury travel agencies to provide up to two million dollars in coverage to people who travel for leisure. In recent times, the company has announced that they will be partnering up with DFS Retreats to provide insurance services to their clients.

The insurance tech startup gives clients access to an AI-powered technology that matches travelers with the most suitable insurance needed for a particular trip. The online service also gives people online medical directories, travel advisories, COVID-19 updates, and emergency services. 

Mr. Atilio Spaccarotella, CEO and founder of Rene, stated, “In this current state of uncertainty, we are happy to provide DFS Retreats with these safety tools so their participants can focus on enjoying their trip with peace of mind, knowing we have their backs.” Michael added that DFS is “really excited about this partnership as the well-being and safety of travelers is our first priority. Rene’s superb service makes it the perfect option for DFS Retreats.”

Rene’s partnership with DFS Retreats is one of what they hope to be many more. With this move, they hope to expand their clientele. Moreover, these partnerships help them fulfill their mission of providing insurance coverage to more travelers and protect people from expensive medical bills and the vast array of risks that they can potentially get exposed to while traveling.DFS Retreats is stoked to welcome six amazing female entrepreneurs to join them in Bali next year. Head over to their website, and click on Event Registration to be notified first when booking becomes available. With only six spots available, they encourage you to register as soon as possible. It’s free, and there is no commitment required.

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