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Dogelon Is Attracting Interest as the First Meme and Cryptocurrency in Space


The digital world and cryptocurrency industry is abuzz with the latest craze in town, and it is something not everyone will readily grasp as it explores otherworldly possibilities—literally. Dogelon is the recently launched interplanetary cryptocurrency. Billionaire Elon Musk, early this year, promoted Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, and this new cryptocurrency seems right up his alley and it seems that he might be involved in it. As the world’s first meme and cryptocurrency in space, the company behind it is establishing a groundbreaking and forward-thinking feat that will universally change crypto investments in the future. 

The company is motivated by his desire to make humanity an interplanetary species, which is defined by four major characteristics: interplanetary flight, terraforming the planet, sending settlers, and creating an interplanetary currency. Dogelon is the first of many awe-inspiring initiatives that Musk and his companies plan to establish, all of which are designed to complement his mission to bring humanity to Mars. 

The emerging cryptocurrency is named after Musk’s capital city in Mars called Dogelon. More technically, it will be officially known as Dogelon (ELON) to avoid confusion down the road. Creating Dogelon in preparation for the first human trip to Mars is something that the company wants everyone to experience, saying that it is “to help people take the trip with me. A lot of good people have hopes of one day reaching the moon.”

Ultimately, the company wants humanity to reach Mars more than the moon. Preparing as early as now is their way of ensuring that future generations are well-equipped to experience the potential migration. “We want to reach Mars and beyond. However, many of those good people are rugged or buy scam tokens that can’t be sold. For this reason, the Dogelon community pledges to send tokens over time to victims of rugs and scams, so that the worst day of their trading life can be turned into their best. And after some time, they will be able to join us on our regular flights to Mars,” they explained.

At the launching of Dogelon, the company created 1 trillion ELON to jumpstart the cryptocurrency. Fifty percent of it was sent to Vitalik Buterin, the Canadian-Russian co-founder of Ethereum. Ethereum is a technology that features digital money, global payments, and applications with Ether as the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Awarding 50% of the Dogelon token to Buterin is a gesture of peace according to Musk. Buterin co-founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2011 and has been into cryptocurrency since its creation. At present, Buterin is estimated to have a net worth of $21 billion.

The remaining 50% of the Dogelon token is permanently locked with Ether on Uniswap, a decentralized finance protocol that is used to exchange cryptocurrencies. This will ensure that any starting liquidity cannot be easily removed. As a growing community, Dogelon has pledged to send tokens to victims of rugs and scams over a period of time to help them recover from their losses. This promise allows them to turn their worst experience into something good as they rebuild their investment. Dogelon also promises to make them regulars on their flights to Mars in the future. 

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