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Doreon Johnson: Crafting Cinematic Marvels and Shaping Independent Filmmaking

Dorean Johnson: Crafting Cinematic Marvels and Shaping Independent Filmmaking
Photo Credit: Dorean Johnson

In the dynamic realm of independent filmmaking, Doreon Johnson stands as a luminary whose creative journey unfolds like a meticulously crafted tapestry. From spearheading feature films like “D2 (Disconnected 2)” and “Soul Ties” to directing acclaimed series such as “Nell’s Way” and “La Familia,” Johnson’s artistic prowess knows no bounds. As the CEO of Killin the Arts Production, he not only navigates the ship of operations but also charts a visionary course for the company, transforming it into a powerhouse of innovation.

Doreon Johnson’s multifaceted identity as a director, storyteller, and visionary is evident in every project he undertakes. His passion for visual storytelling, coupled with a keen eye for detail and expertise in graphic design, elevates his films beyond mere scripts. Recognizing his dedication to aesthetic excellence, Johnson was honored with the prestigious Cinematography Award at the New York City Film Festival in 2023.

A pivotal moment in Johnson’s career came in 2018 when he was prominently featured in a Chicago Tribune article, highlighting his impactful contributions to the local film industry. This recognition underscored the lasting imprint he has left on the cinematic panorama of Chicago.

Delving into his filmography, “10 on 5°” (2023) stands as a testament to Johnson’s ability to convey compelling narratives within a condensed format. “D2 (Disconnected 2),” released in 2022, continued to augment his reputation for storytelling finesse. The series “Nell’s Way” and “La Familia” showcase his adeptness in crafting narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, while “You Can Stay the Night” (2021) further solidified his reputation for emotionally resonant storytelling.

Dorean Johnson: Crafting Cinematic Marvels and Shaping Independent Filmmaking

Photo Credit: Doreon Johnson

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Johnson embarked on a daring venture with the documentary “Covid & Chicago” in 2020. This documentary delves into the pandemic’s impact on the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene, showcasing Johnson’s adaptability and dedication to addressing timely and significant themes through his work.

The series “New Ties” (2019) and the feature film “Soul Ties” (2018) round off Johnson’s impressive body of work, highlighting his unwavering consistency in delivering thought-provoking and visually stunning content.

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Doreon Johnson’s cinematic odyssey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling. As a director, storyteller, and CEO, he continues to shape the landscape of independent filmmaking, leaving an indelible mark with each project. .K.T.A. TV – Exclusive Streaming invites audiences to partake in the creative brilliance of Johnson, where cinematic marvels unfold, and the spirit of innovation thrives.


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