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Dr. Chris Cole: The Fintech and Crypto Enthusiast Teaching Wealth Creation and Financial Literacy

There is no desire as great as the desire to make money and get out of poverty, change one’s life and the lives of those around, especially family. However, although it is in human nature to have a strong affinity for money, wealth and affluence, there exists a specific demographic of entrepreneurs who are not fazed for a moment by the quest for wealth; instead, they get up every day to make a difference, touching lives and contributing their quota to the happiness and fulfillment of others. Although born in poverty, Dr. Chris Cole is all about the differences he can make.

Dr. Chris Cole is a financial advisor, counselor, keynote speaker, investor, and philanthropist from Augusta, GA., whose life experiences and upbringing have shaped him into who he is now. Although only 37 years of age, Chris has over a decade of trading the financial markets and managing money. According to Futures and Truth Magazine and Futures magazine, he is a leader in the retail trading space and has been featured as one of the top retail traders in the world. In addition, Chris has to his credits the mentorship of over 100 students who are now full-time traders and has help students secure over $50,000,000 in trading capital from prop firms.

Dr. Chris Cole is the current President of BWO, Bridging Wealth Opportunities, a financial education and fintech platform focused on educating students on building generational wealth and creating technology to help themselves and others grow wealth and simultaneously educate. He is also the First African-American Listing Director of a publicly-traded company, RLT Atwood, owner of the First Black-Owned Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange, creator of Top NFT trading marketplace, a Global Education partner with Nadex, and currently serves in advisory roles as a financial counselor for athletes, celebrities for over a decade now and counting.

Having overcome his life challenges and obstacles, with some level of financial and corporate success to his name, Chris is teaching upcoming entrepreneurs, traders, and fintech experts is the standout quality of his work, and in his words, “What makes me different in this industry is that no one is teaching with the level of transparency and clarity in which I teach and trade. I trade a live account, with real money, in real-time.” Simultaneously explaining the What, how, and why he is executing the way he is executing is incomparable. “In addition, creating the platforms for trade execution. Launching my exchange and brokerage for forex and cryptocurrency will help restore faith and power to the previous financial illiterate. The Wealth Standard exchange is officially “The People’s Exchange.”

Peers, associates and students have described Dr. Chris as the man to trust for anyone who wants to learn more about wealth. This is because Chris is one of the few self-made entrepreneurs using his platform to expose people to information that is typically only available in the private and privileged sectors. But due to his upbringing in one of the most impoverished communities and a childhood revolving around crime and drugs, Chris teaches financial literacy and wealth-building strategies, primarily through fintech.

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