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Draco Challenges NFT Artists to Focus on the Details

Non-fungible tokens are some of the fastest-growing modes of income generation today. But the crutch in seeing something skyrocket in value so fast is that it just gets lazy over time. Many artists just put out pieces for the sake of having something to offer and selling it to collectors. A team of artists behind an NFT collection called Draco hopes that this will change over time. 

At first glance, the one thing people see in a Draco mint is the level of intricacy. Over 10,000 of these tokens will be available in the next few days, but none of them follow a cookie-cutter approach to art. Instead, the Draco character has a 3D feel and carries an array of up to 150 unique characteristics that embody detail to the pixel. The unique collection of meta-companions hope to become the most intricate piece on the blockchain network by far. 

On top of its detailed pieces, there’s also an equally detailed narrative behind the beloved character. Draco is a cute dragon born in the cityscape of a world called Credo. The first one was born in Orchard Park after an egg of a mysterious origin started tumbling down the street and cracking on one of the skyscraper’s feet. From the Akkadian egg came a character who would later be known as Draco. “Leaving the tiny little eggshell, he shakes the rest of the pieces off of his head and body,” continues the official website about the character’s origins. “Confused and curious about the new world around him, he takes his first few steps on the streets of Cledo.”

NFTs have become a growing sensation in today’s blockchain-enabled reality. Artists have been cashing in big time as these digital tokens grow in popularity amongst collectors and investors. A non-fungible token works much like the blockchain and P2P technologies available today. An artwork gets embedded into a unit of cryptocurrency, making each contract unique via an authenticated crypto-identity. This characteristic makes each of the artworks in a collection like Draco NFT differentiated, thus having an intrinsic value of its own. 

Many NFTs have become worldwide sensations, raking in millions of dollars and creating solid online communities. Draco’s team of developers and artists hope to create the next big NFT collection. But their intentions aren’t selfish, as the team has pledged over $500,000 worth in giveaways to its community of holders and collectors based on roadmap percentage accomplishments. A roadmap indicates a whole line-up of giveaways. At 1,000 NFTs minted, the Draco NFT team will install a rarity bot with the help of rarity.finder for their Discord community. At 20% capacity, it will then give out five Draco mints to five lucky winners. When half of their NFTs go on the market, the team will give another ten mints out and 5 Ethereum to lucky community members. Finally, at one hundred percent, the company would have given $50,000 to a non-profit of the community’s choice and saved another 10% of its fund for future giveaways and rewards. 

Draco follows complete ownership and fair distribution philosophies that seek to create equality within their network. In addition, it looks to mold the future of digital coins and artworks by pushing the boundaries of artistry and innovation for many others who want to follow suit. Learn more about the token by visiting Draco’s website, Twitter account, Instagram profile, and Discord community.

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