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DVLVD: Uniting People Through Art


In this day and age, where people have begun to freely exercise their right to express, society has slowly forgotten how engaging in healthy discussions should ultimately lead to an understanding. And despite dedicating oneself to making a sound argument for the other to see his or her point, some people tend to become stubborn and vehemently stand their ground. As a result, people have unintentionally created a divide among themselves, deviating from the very purpose of engaging in discourse. Seeing how this continues to exist, Cade Kegerreis aims to unite people by producing art that appeals to the senses through DVLVD.

DVLVD is a creative avenue where people can thoroughly understand pressing issues instead of pushing for purposes that bolster their stance and agenda. The company serves as an encouraging tool for people to start conversations and engage in healthy discourse without exchanging pointless heated arguments. In other words, DVLVD exists to push for advocacies that unite people in the most creative way possible – through art.

Creating art has always been a form of expression that vehemently encourages and invites people to think about specific issues. And over the years, it has continued to deliver messages that spark discussions among diverse people. Recognizing the power of art hidden beneath various creative expressions, DVLVD seeks to hone its capabilities and put them on a pedestal for people to see its stellar effects on people. With this in mind, the company sets its vision in motion by holding several art exhibitions across the state.

Aside from lobbying for unity through art exhibitions, Cade Kegerreis wanted to stretch DVLVD’s reach by expanding the company’s prowess in fashionable apparel. This expansion serves as an extension to DVLVD’s mission of providing an avenue to encourage conversations that unite people from different shapes and sizes.

But behind DVLVD overarching success lies a founder whose noble vision and unparalleled brilliance propelled the company towards greatness.

Hailing from a historically controversial town of Waco, Texas, DVLVD’s founder, Cade, always had a knack for conversations that discuss pressing issues across the globe. But when he started to talk about these things with others, he often felt that it was a race between whose idea would prevail over others. And as a result, Cade observed that instead of delivering a substantial message across, he was often misunderstood. So he looked for ways to push for avenues that invite people to listen and understand. 

Seeing that art has a unique approach in sending messages, Cade made it his life’s mission to shape his creative talents so that he would be able to inspire healthy and engaging discussions among the people. So, he pursued the arts throughout his academic life, and in 2017, he graduated with a degree in Studio Art. Since then, he has been pursuing art after college. As time went by, Cade gathered the right amount of financial resources, so he then created DVLVD.

In the years to come, Cade hopes to inspire more artists in stepping up to advocate for movements that aim to address the most pressing issues around the world. With DVLVD’s reach, Cade is well underway in achieving his purpose.

To know more about DVLVD, visit its website.

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