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Emerging DeFi Project CroNet Is Set To Build The Best Bridge For Native Crypto Assets Swap To The Cronos Network

Cronet Finance is an emerging resource for capital market allocation to the Cronos Network —

A growing blockchain network across the native crypto community. By using CroNet, those with native crypto assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, & others can now swap their native assets directly through CroNet to the Cronos Network or Cro Coin. The authors and developers of CroNet Finance have identified that there currently isn’t a solution for the native crypto community to swap assets to the Cronos network that is seamless, easy, & secure. Other DeFi projects within the space have limited the usability of their projects by not focusing on key infrastructure needed to create easy to use and quick swap to the Cronos network. 

CroNet Is Here To Help

Thankfully CroNet is here to help, with their ghost launch & demo releasing to the marketplace this week — Crypto users are now welcome to join the Cronos network in a safe, quick, & secure fashion using CroNet. We decided to take a look further at what CroNet offers & why native Crypto users should be excited to stake, swap, & hold CroNet Coin. 

Swapping To The Cronos Network Using CroNet

Native crypto users can use CroNet to enter the Cronos network using CroNet Swap. By going to their Website, you can easily connect your wallet & swap assets such as Ethereum directly into CroNet Coin & then swap directly into the Cronos network to invest into any assets or projects within the emerging Cronos network. With much excitement in their recent launch, authors and developers within the project are excited to give native crypto users access to the Cronos network in a safe & secure way. 

Staking To The Cronos Network Using CroNet

Users who buy CroNet can use the asset as a store of value & also receive APR by staking their CroNet coin with CroNet’s staking feature. By staking CroNet, Users secure their assets on chain within CroNet and earn APR with every transaction used with CroNet coin. To learn more about CroNet staking you can view their website or check them out on Twitter where their development team is constantly updating their community on new features and capabilities of CroNet —  CroNet Twitter.

Holding CroNet Coin 
Those interested in investing into CroNet as a project can purchase CroNet assets directly from their website. The development team at CroNet is excited to further the project road map to new and higher tier exchanges in the future. To learn more about CroNet, click here.

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