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Emerging NFT Community Divinity Cells to Hold Its Pre-Sale on March 30, 2022

The metaverse is abuzz with talks of an emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community that is introducing a distinct form of digital art that avid collectors will find highly entertaining. Divinity Cells is set to hold its pre-sale on March 30, 2022, and crypto enthusiasts and investors are more than excited to own one or several of the community’s tokens. With 8,000 NFTs available for minting, the community creators are expecting to sell out everything in a short period of time, as hinted by the current buzz on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram

The tokens highlight how the community envisions the different kinds of cells potentially available in the galaxies across the universe. These cells are awe-inspiring and very unique, something never before seen within the metaverse. The community artist took extra care in crafting the characters’ rare textures, shapes, sizes, and even their color combinations.

“Every cell is highly detailed, with the capacity to zoom in on each and every single art work and explore the beauties and mysteries hidden inside of them,” the community managers explained. 

The tokens that can be generated during minting are divided into three major categories: Singular Cells, Double Cells, and Legendary Cells. Overall, Divinity Cells will feature 1,553 distinct Singular Cells, with each cell possessing a family of four clones. In total, there are 7,765 cells for the entire collection. The Singular Cells have the ability to mutate by combining two cells coming from the same family. These mutated cells will burn and create new evolutionary NFT artworks belonging to a new collection. 

The Double Cells, on the other hand, are a total of 225 unique cells without any clones. Interestingly, they can mutate by themselves and create new works of art while preserving the original cells. Meanwhile, Legendary Cells are the rarest of the three categories and will only feature ten tokens without any clones. They are the most valuable and sought-after tokens in the entire collection. Just like the Double Cells, they have the ability to mutate on their own while preserving the original token.

Phase 1 of the Divinity Cells roadmap began at the end of 2021, and it involved initial community building, natural growth, website development, the launch, and the release of community giveaways. Phase 2 is about to happen as the whitelist sale is expected on March 30. Additionally, this phase will see collaborations, the release of community giveaways, massive marketing campaigns, the pre-sale, and the public sale. Phase 3 will signal the start of the treasure hunt, which is an interactive search for clues to win amazing crypto and NFT prizes. More than 100 prizes will be given away during the treasure hunt, including 1 BTC.

Minting of the Divinity Cells will be happening on the community’s official website. Interested investors are advised to secure their personal Metamask wallets and ETH. They are then required to connect their account via Metamask or WalletConnect and pay for the mint and gas fees. During the pre-sale, each token will be sold for 0.1 ETH. Buyers can only mint a maximum of five tokens per transaction. As can be expected, the price per token will go higher during the public sale. 

Digital art collectors with a good eye for valuable pieces are sure to find the Divinity Cells characters quite remarkable. There is no doubt that NFT enthusiasts will grab the opportunity to add a rare project to their existing collections.