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Emerging NFT Community Homie G Creates Avatars that Anyone Can Relate To

Most digital art collectors and non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts are predominantly drawn to the quality and the distinction of avatars offered by every token community. Depending on their rarity, value, and design, potential holders make life-changing decisions that will either make or break their investment choices. Understanding that NFT characters are of utmost importance to potential holders, the team behind the emerging NFT community Homie G made sure to come up with avatars that people can easily relate to. This allows the community to be an inclusive space that upholds respect and appreciation of every kind of person, regardless of their culture, personality, or orientation. 

The 3D characters are designed to be fun and are intended to represent different kinds of personalities. These adorable avatars are randomly generated, combining attributes from more than 200 hand-crafted 3D traits created by Buse and Petek, with a little help from their other teammates. The traits are classified as common, rare, super-rare, and ultra-rare. There are some items that are programmed to appear only once throughout the entire collection. 

For the past eight months, project leader and founder EvijanJohn has been working relentlessly with the other members of the team to perfect a community that features not only inspiring characters but also promises great returns in the future. Ensuring that the characters are drawn excellently is a testament to their commitment to making the community a phenomenal success. Phase 1 of sales ended last November 14, and Phase 2 will begin on December 3, with Homie G tokens selling at 0.05 ETH. 

As Phase 2 signals a celebration-worthy milestone, Homie G will be rewarding five lucky members with 1 ETH each. This will be followed by a metaverse land purchase for community usage when minting reaches 50%. Sandbox virtual real estate will be purchased to be used for future community events, including concerts. The community members will be given the opportunity to give their inputs as to which piece of land in the Sandbox should be bought. 

Another exciting development will reveal itself when minting reaches 75%. The community will open the Homie G Drip Store, which will feature exclusive merchandise, event tickets, and metaverse assets. Nearing the completion of the sale, 3D Voxel avatars will be available at the Drip Store. Members only need to use their wallets that contain their NFTs, and they will be automatically verified and provided with a file for avatar usage. These avatars can be showcased within the Sandbox. 

Once the tokens are sold completely, a $50,000 donation will be given to a Los Angeles Inner City STEM program. The members will get the exciting opportunity to vote on which one will get the donation. For the Homie G team, it is important to introduce the power of technology early on to promising young students who can make a lasting impact on future generations. By empowering them with the right kind of knowledge and orientation, they can elevate the future of the NFT industry significantly. 

Learn more about Homie G by visiting its website. Follow the NFT community’s Instagram and Twitter accounts for updates on its latest projects. 

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