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Emiliette Morales: Cooking International Food Through Books and Screens

Most people will readily admit that one of the reasons they want to visit different countries is the unique delicacies. Fortunately, traveling to different countries is no longer the only option to taste their popular delicacies. Emiliette Morales is here to assist her audience in cooking curated recipes.

The cuisine of the Latin America is as savory as ever. The palatable recipes of Asian countries are dishes that people would want a taste of again and again. The acclaimed flavors of Western cuisine are definitely one of a kind. With Emiliette’s experiences in traveling the world, she is close to perfecting the flavors of the world.

Emiliette has been to 45 countries. She has interacted with people from different nationalities to learn more about their distinct craft in cooking international food. The product of her experience abroad is her book,  à la carte. What makes à la carte different is that it has a scope of many international cuisines. Unlike most cookbooks, it does not just focus on Italian or French cuisine. It includes recipes from countries in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Emiliette Morales imparts the knowledge and culture of the people of the country to engage the readers. The culture of each featured country is introduced in the pages, making it intrinsically tied to the essence of the cookbook. She also includes photos from her visits. 

But it does not just end there. Emiliette Morales has also created a YouTube account, Memeliette Abroad, explaining more of the recipes in her cookbook. Furthermore, she also shares clips of her trip in countries to emphasize and put the spotlight on the culture of the amazing people she has met during her journey abroad. 

Asked about her motivations in creating her own brand, the 27-year-old Emiliette answered, “What motivated me was the feeling of being abroad and how much you learn. I want it to make it easier for others to learn. That is why I have travelled to 45 countries. I will not stop until hopefully, one day, I can go to them all. My brand includes everything from books, to YouTube videos, to a future delivery only service coming soon in Texas.”

Emiliette Morales is still eager to develop and enhance her company, EMAK Productions. She is looking into the possibility of publishing more books. This time, it will be centered on international desserts and on called Christmas Around the World: A Recipe Book

Also, her future projects include a fine pasta service, Emilia’s Cucina, which will be based in Plano, TX. However, instead of traditional dine-ins, it will only be available through online deliveries. Apart from that, Emiliette is also positive about the eventual growth of her YouTube subscribers in the next few years. 

Morales is confident that a lot of people can relate to and find interest in her work. She is optimistic that through her YouTube videos and cookbook, adults can benefit and learn more about the cultures of the world. 

Morales posts her pictures and shares her experiences during her travel in her Instagram account. Also, her book, à la carte, is available for purchase on this website.

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