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Emir Hamzić, the Tennis Powerhouse Enabling Success for Aspiring Players

As an All-American National Champion who has dominated the collegiate level at the age of 20, Emir Hamzić is intimately familiar with what it takes to ace the game. Now, at 23, this former professional tennis player has emerged at the helm of a six-figure coaching business, mentoring budding players full time.

The track record of this esteemed athlete includes several noteworthy career milestones. He has traveled the world playing ITF Futures and has earned recognition for his distinctive serves and aggressive baseline game. Boasting skills that were honed by years of dedication to the sport, Emir Hamzić managed to reach impressive heights because he deemed it essential to complete his college education to grasp the biomechanics of athletes and tennis players in particular. 

This renowned personality is no stranger to the world of coaching and guiding people toward their desired results. At seventeen, Emir Hamzić started mentoring others as a way of funding his professional career. Today, he wields the power of his educational background as an Exercise Science graduate from Kean University and experiences as a professional player to stand as a highly-competent coach for all ages and levels. 

Emir Hamzić, who has worked with Nick Bollettieri — the world’s most famous tennis coach — did quick work of solidifying his reputation and creating a standing for himself in the industry. During his time on the East Coast, he added the acclaim of being the top coach in the Jersey Shore to his portfolio and was on the receiving end of countless nods of approval when he expanded his reach to North Jersey and New York. 

This young entrepreneur credited for the growth of multiple clients even during the COVID-19 pandemic has made the decision to transform his brand into an official training company. After acquiring over 250 clients independently, Emir Hamzić now rises as the founder of Hamzić All American Training. On a mission to provide clients with services they can trust, this institution caters to a wide range of clients, from families and first-time tennis players to junior and adult competitive players. 

The establishment of Hamzić All American Training aims to expand its reach all over the country, and even internationally. Acknowledging the number of people hoping to come under the wing of professionals, Emir Hamzić expanded his services to Chicago, and it will be no surprise if his influence and impact are felt in more locations in the coming years. 

Currently, Coach Emir continues to sharpen his skills and deepen his understanding of the sport by working with ATP players, ATP coaches, top trainers, and elite athletes who have progressed to play NCAA. It is this constant hunger to become better that enables him to maneuver others toward their development effectively. 

Emir Hamzić is on track to cementing himself further in the industry not only because of his dedication to the craft and the excellence with which he develops personalized programs that guarantee results for clients but also for his genuine desire to see people of all ages progress in their tennis training. 

Know more about Hamzić All American Training on its website and Instagram. More information about Emir Hamzić can also be found on his Instagram page. 

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