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Entertainer and Entrepreneur CHADD BLACK & Viral Sensation REGGIE RAY set to Co-Host New Virtual Talk Show “Race 2 Review” Live From Houston, Texas!

The dynamic duo of Entertainment Executive Chadd Black and the viral sensation Reggie Ray look to make entertainment channel history with the conceptualization of “Race 2 Review,” an all-inclusive entertainment show that will cover all things related to black culture, celebrity gossip, and the entertainment world. 

A monumental feat, the show will be one of the first times ever that two African American men take the lead in a television and digital talk show of these proportions. As leaders in their respective fields and thought leaders in their craft, “Race 2 Review” guarantees value, entertainment, and intrigue to viewers all over America.  

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Chadd Black has brought pride to his roots. He has spent over a decade building a legacy in the creative and music world. He has contributed heavily to the local creative community and has become one of the most influential voices in Houston. Chadd has often been called “The Mogul in the Making.” With a clear vision for the creative community and his vast music empire, his goal is to transform the way people from “H Town” experience entertainment. 

Chadd is the founder of “The 713 Agency,” a premiere artists management company that develops some of the most promising talents that America has ever seen. He also created the Chadd Black Awards to celebrate the local creative scene and spotlight some of Houston and the Texas area’s best creatives and entertainers. In 2017, the entertainment guru also launched “The Chadd Black Academy” to support them mentally, physically, and emotionally disabled through music’s power.

In recent times, Chadd has announced that he will be working with social media influencer and virtual star Reggie Ray to develop a virtual show that will bring audiences the latest scoop and most insightful conversations around themes like black culture and the entertainment industry. The idea for the show sprang from the two influential thought leaders’ love for entertainment and music. Through the show, they aspire to deliver a rich perspective to the world via meaningful conversations.

Chadd first started working with influencer Reggie Ray when the social media star contracted the talent and branding executive’s management services. Reggie is a force to be reckoned with on various social channels. He has over nine hundred and eighteen thousand followers on Instagram. The social influencer is also an online entrepreneur and owner of the virtual merch shop, Living To Dance.

In recent times, the two thought leaders have made public plans to launch “Race 2 Review.” With the new show, Chadd and Reggie look to become “the voices of the virtual world of talk.” The show also aims to become an inclusive force that advocates and champions various schools of thought regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or age. 

While they look to begin at the grassroots level and launch their show digitally, Chadd Black and Reggie Ray aim for the stars in the process. The duo hopes to get the “Race 2 Review” talk show into national syndication in the next five years.

To learn more about Chadd Black and Reggie Ray and get the latest developments on their upcoming talk show, visit “Race 2 Review’s” Instagram account. You can also follow the two entertainment icons through Chadd Black and Reggie Ray’s Instagram profiles.