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Entrepreneur Ahmed Elbatrawy enhances Jeddah’s Real Estate by Developing the Region’s Most Reliable Real Estate Platform

Many global and domestic investors are drawn to the Middle Eastern real estate business, like Jeddah’s real estate. As a result, billions have been invested in the region, making it one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in history.

However, while the industry in the region is flourishing, it is still largely unregulated, with only a few rules and laws in place to safeguard buyers, sellers, and renters. While this may help investors and developers, it may harm individuals and companies wanting to buy or rent property in Jeddah and the rest of the region.

A Force for Change

Ahmed Elbatrawy, CEO of Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC, intends to stabilize the region’s real estate markets by instituting rules and regulations through his platform, Multiple Listing Solutions (MLS) Arab MLS Matrix. With the support of his companies, E Systematic Egypt and DSP technology Dubai, MLS lists apartments, villas, commercial properties, and businesses for sale in a secure environment. This platform will be crucial for real estate professionals, investors, and consumers. MLS will act as both a centralized property management system and an online platform for selling properties, as it serves one of its primary purposes of contributing to the region’s economic growth and development.

The benefits of MLS

MLS will be a hub for real estate professionals searching for properties that fit the demands of their clients. It also provides buyers and sellers with the most accurate and up-to-date market information.

In addition, MLS is a powerful resource for research and analysis. Agents and analysts can spot trends and patterns in sales by analyzing data over time. The platform also helps clients make well-informed choices about buying or selling properties by establishing fair pricing for all communities and providing accurate tax information.

“We aim to assist investors from all over the world as well as consumers who want to buy real estate and increase the brokerage return on investment by ten times, at least in Egypt and the Arab world,” Elbatrawy says. “We want them to have easy, secured, safe, and trusted transactions, and also a better communication channel between one another and other real estate investors worldwide.”

Moving Forward

Elbatrawy’s work on this initiative has been ongoing for about a year. He has already received over 200 million EGP to roll out this project in Egypt through his new company E systematic and another $100 million from the Gulf region for the project’s expansion through his Dubai company DSP technology . He wants to make a safer, easier, and more convenient environment for people in the region to find and purchase that perfect home and take all the real estate business at the Middle East globally. 

“I’m changing the whole Arab world’s real estate business industry with new state-of-the-art digital solutions in a way that will match the upcoming vision for all the Middle East governments – to build great futures and strong economies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait.” Elbatrawy proudly shares.

About Ahmed Elbatrawy

Ahmed Elbatrawy is a successful Egyptian-American entrepreneur known as one of the big Real estate brand in America who aims to redefine the Middle East’s real estate industry. A solution-driven man, Elbatrawy believes in a people-first approach, devoting a tremendous amount of time to sharing his knowledge and expertise with the world.

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