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Entrepreneur and Musician King Burt Shows It Is Possible to Rock Multiple Industries

King Burt

It is not an exaggeration to say that 2020 is giving other disaster-stricken and tragedy-heavy years a serious run for their money. But although it has given people all over the world so many things to feel heartbroken about, it has also provided time and space for individuals to re-evaluate their priorities in life and chase after what they have not been able to before the pandemic. 

In the case of entrepreneur Burton Baloubi, who is known as King Burt, the recent world events gave him the push to pursue his life-long passion of being an artist. As the founder and CEO of Inspire Vibes as well as the assistant vice president for a major corporation, this multi-talented North Carolina native is dedicated to showing the same excellence he has demonstrated in the commercial space to the music realm. 

King Burt has never been a stranger to the view at the summit because his life experiences have immensely motivated him to strive to be the best. Losing a dear friend to suicide, in particular, was a hard reminder that life shows no mercy and that he should give it his all and find fruition for his dreams. 

During the outbreak of COVID-19, King Burt found a silver lining to the dire circumstances and diligently spent time crafting his masterpieces. Dropping several hot tracks that blew up in streaming platforms, his releases that include Price Tag, Hugh Hefner, and Country Girl are on its way to hitting the mainstream. 

With his refreshing artistry, King Burt has received admirable nods from the other players of the music industry. This entrepreneur-turned-musician, who is applauded for his realness and creativity, prides himself on having an unusual, yet electrifying vibe, as well as the courage to express through music the thoughts at the forefront of his mind. 

It is incredible how this music rookie has paved a solid path to becoming a pop, rap, country, and hip-hop sensation. But given his outstanding tracks and the driving factors behind his work, it is no surprise why this is so. Moreover, what can explain his budding success is his non-allegiance to a single genre. It makes him relatable and his music palatable to countless listeners across the globe. In addition, his signature style lends him an edge, allowing him to compete with already established artists in the music scene. 

But no matter the number of milestones he is bound to reach, King Burt is focused on staying true to his upbringing and maintaining an authentic presence. For him, the attention his music has brought him will not hold any sway against his disposition and values as an individual. And while there have been numerous cases of musicians changed by the conventions, norms, and lifestyle that characterize the music industry, King Burt is firm about carrying on with his life on his own terms. 

Staying true to oneself is integral to King Burt because he refuses to leave behind the lessons and the strength he has gained from who he was in the past and who he is now. As a survivor of the brutalities of bullying, he wishes to be a source of hope to anyone who does not think life will get better. And as a person currently living two separate lifestyles, he wants to send across the message that, whether one is in a suit and tie or a rockstar shirt, one can remain a person of integrity.

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