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Esoteric Collection Serving as the Bridge between Artists and Fair Compensation

Aaron Von Ossko is an art collector committed to giving artists true value for their works and talents. He is the founder of Esoteric Collection, an art collective proving that there is more to art than museums and galleries. He got drawn to art as a young child despite his father trying to make him pursue an entirely different career. Young Aaron would sketch nonstop for hours to escape the toxic environment of living around his father. Aaron grew up to pursue his childhood dream and left his father’s car franchise business behind.

He has now become a notable art investor who values the work that goes into creating each piece of art and throws his weight behind upcoming artists. Through his art collective company, Esoteric Collection, Aaron Von Ossko connects with artists from different walks of life, takes them on, and supports their craft with all they need to succeed. One notable thing about Aaron is that he has worked with artists like Retina, Gregory Siff, King Saladeen. Paying it forward is a concept that Aaron values immensely as he ensures that every artist he works with gets what they deserve for their work. Initially, when he just established the Esoteric Collection, all he wanted to do was fight against art galleries and museums as they barely gave artists any real value that can change their lives for good. However, over the years, Aaron has been able to find a balance between art and its business side. He has merged them into a cohesive crusade that is beneficial to not just him but also the artists.

What sets Esoteric Collections apart from many art galleries is that Aaron curates art out of passion. He offers his platform to bridge the gap between emerging artists and galleries. With social media, artists even have more options to put out their art and promote it. In Aaron’s words, “As the owner of a platform for upcoming artists, I think every artist has marketing tools at their fingertips, and that’s amazing. It changes the narration from when artists had to seek out galleries, pitch their artwork, and convince the galleries why they should be represented. No artist has to do that anymore. You can market yourself by yourself. It’s all in your hands.”

Aaron Von Ossko does not only support art creatives, but he also puts them on the path of philanthropy. One of such philanthropic acts is his work with Nike for the boys and Girls Club in the city of Watts. He has also recently worked with Philipp Plein. Aaron is all about giving back to artists, and he supports them fully with all his might. 

“I would really like to support hundreds and thousands of people, but I can only do so much all by myself. However, if I get the opportunity to meet an artist doing what they love, and they have the passion, I will support them in my own way and give them beyond 100%,” he says.

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