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Ethereum Homies Brings the NFT Community and People from All Walks of Life to Unite in an Expanding Metaverse

Art has always served a greater purpose than just a decoration or a collection piece, serving as a medium to spread the artist’s message to society. The art medium has evolved, but the purpose has always remained the same. With the tools today, anyone can create art to spread their message. For artist Evijan Watson, the digital art medium is a tool that can be utilized to help society progress forward with NFTs.

Evijan Watson is the artist and project lead of the NFT project Ethereum Homies, a project that is dedicated to promoting diversity within the NFT space. For four years, he worked in Los Angeles as a creative director, videographer, and editor, collaborating with the top talent in the music scene. Then, early into 2021, Evijan decided to switch lanes and shift his creative abilities towards 3D animation. His resolve was born from the sudden surge in NFTs popularity, prompting his interest in the visual arts. 

Polishing his craft, Evijan utilized his knowledge to build the foundations of his ideas to push the music scene into the metaverse. As he built towards his vision, he started to gain international accessibility to music events and networking, which he would utilize for his goals. Once Evijan got a hold of his craft, he developed Ethereum Homies. 

Ethereum Homies is a project that creates groundbreaking art and promotes culture and progress external resources and learning opportunities pertaining to Web3 for communities worldwide that represent all walks of life. 

The NFTs (called Homie Gs) are hand-designed 3D characters rigged and ready for the metaverse. The Homie Gs’ appearance takes heavy influence from the music, fashion, and NFT culture in designs, and each brings a story behind the hand-crafted designs that inspired the 10k drop. Ethereum has already shared a portion of the Homie Gs on their Instagram and Twitter, giving prospective holders a look into what they’re missing out on.

“Each character is a relatable avatar that anyone can connect with,” explained Evijan. “There is a Homie out there for everyone.”

The Homie Gs are meant to inhabit the upcoming metaverse, where holders will be able to interact with one another. They also provide them with access to airdrops and allocation for future pre-sale drops. Although the metaverse is currently in development within Sandbox, the community has slowly been growing with future updates on their Discord channel, TikTok, and Twitch channel.

Once the estate grows in Sandbox, the Ethereum Homies team will decide which advanced platforms they want to grow their ecosystem into once made public with Wilder World and Netvrk in mind. The team has already begun developing avatars on Unreal Engine to help with the compatibility with future ecosystems. 

Besides expanding their universe, Ethereum Homies will also allow holders to earn while playing with a player vs. player and arcade type of gameplay in development. “We will continue innovating new experiences within the metaverse to allow unique and exciting opportunities for our holders to gain supplementary crypto assets,” shared the Ethereum Homies team.

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