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‘Exclusive Calls’ Provides Industry-Leading Appointment Setting Services

Exclusive Calls

An enterprise’s success can lie in its strategic discernment of when and where to ask for help upon recognizing that there are gaps in its services. These gaps could come in the form of unrefined processes, lack of staff, outdated systems, and more.

During Mo Amin’s vice-chairmanship of the Business Development sector of a call center technology company, he provided dialers to firms for appointment setting purposes. He noticed that the number one reason behind the cancellation of clients rested on either the appointment setters’ disappearance or the transaction not panning out because the business owner wanted to cancel the dialer system until they had found a replacement caller. 

This observation by Mo served as the launching point for the establishment of his very own call center. He would offer clients who called to cancel their dialer technology system with a proposition of a trained, dedicated caller who would work exclusively for them. And, the outstanding move to provide enterprises with external appointment setters jump started the founding of Mo’s powerhouse, Exclusive Calls

Exclusive Calls, created in 2008, is a highly-acclaimed provider of trained appointment setters. It aims to address the struggles numerous companies have in terms of not having the time, resources, or patience to employ such talent. Dedicated to filling in the gap for ventures that are ready to expand but are hesitant about the extra overhead costs involved in supporting additional staff, Exclusive Calls has emerged to deliver assistance and guidance in a time where businesses need a resource more than ever. 

This authority in commercial appointment setting recruits, trains, and hires competent individuals, assigning them to work exclusively for clients. These appointment setters are responsible for inbound and outbound calling on behalf of the client, allowing the client to focus on scaling their business without worrying about over employing additional in-house staff.  

The appointment setters, trained to be an extension of the client’s staff, are available to tend to the needs and inquiries of the client’s customers and future customers. They utilize the appropriate local area code for incoming and outgoing calls and demonstrate mastery in fulfilling the client’s extended staff’s role, which can include taking care of their current clients as well as prospecting and appointment setting to expand their business. 

Exclusive Calls takes pride in its individualized approach to helping institutions. It customizes every detail of its service to match the needs of businesses, equipping them with the support and tools that will elevate their enterprise to greater heights.

And because this industry leader in appointment setting understands the importance of transparency deeply, Exclusive Calls has engaged with a customized system that allows clients full 24/7 back-end access to a portal that monitors the calling activity for the telemarketer or team of telemarketers assigned to them. 

All the leg work, from recruiting and training to monitoring and coaching, is done with excellence at Exclusive Calls. Since its humble beginnings, the company has assisted thousands of businesses, regardless of size, in hitting their financial targets through its exemplary appointment setting services. From small businesses with a handful of employees to Fortune 500 companies, every client who has sought the help of Exclusive Calls has been at the receiving end of the industry-leading offerings of Mo’s brainchild. Learn more about Exclusive Calls by visiting its website and checking its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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