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Fanged Beast, a Highly Anticipated NFT Collection Inspired by Saber-Toothed Tigers Launching on Solana

From digital curiosity to a potential mainstay in the economic landscape, non-fungible tokens have definitely hit the mainstream over the past year. In the aftermath of its astronomic rise in early 2021, many dived deep into the world of this particular digital asset and eventually realized the value it offers to creators, artists, and institutions. Since then, hundreds have launched their own collections not only in celebration of art and with the intention to build a community but also for the purpose of making a difference and raising awareness about today’s most pressing issues. Fanged Beast, a highly anticipated entrant into the NFT space, is among those driven by an overarching goal. On its release date, it is expected to capture the attention of both seasoned NFT enthusiasts and beginners. 

Widely considered one of the most iconic Ice Age mammals, saber-toothed tigers reportedly went extinct because of human activity and environmental changes, both of which contributed to a concerning decline in prey population. The strategic minds behind Fanged Beast hope to give a nod of recognition to these legendary animals through an NFT project that features 3D realistic art as well as prompt conversations about global warming and its impact. 

With more than 300 traits, the must-have tokens inspired by saber-toothed tigers are set to hit the Solana community and pique the interest of gamers and the growing number of NFT lovers. Admittedly, its entry into such a saturated space isn’t going to be easy. As the NFT scene continues to get flooded with collections, any newcomer will have to contend with a considerably high degree of competition. But, the creators of Fanged Beast are confident that the project will manage to hog the spotlight, thanks to the standout art and cause at the heart of the collection. 

One of the first projects on Solana that revolves around 3D realistic art, Fanged Beast will bring to the table an immersive experience for every holder. Its characters, distinguished from each other through special traits intricately designed, belong to a specific tribe in a universe rife with dangers and dealing with the threat of ice cracking. The ultimate aim is clear: survive. 

Apart from the quality of its art, the Fanged Beast collection also takes pride in the theme of the universe it’s exploring. Unlike hundreds of projects focused on fashion and sci-fi art, it will heavily involve an ancestral world dominated by saber-toothed tigers. 

Although there is no official launch date announced yet, Fanged Beast is already making some noise in the NFT space. Given the utility that it promises to deliver and the Metaverse that it hopes to build on Solana where token owners can enjoy play-to-earn games, it’s no surprise why there’s a buzz surrounding this potential power player.

Currently, the team at the helm of Fanged Beast is religiously adhering to a roadmap that not only includes the release of the collection but also a host of events for token holders. 

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