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Felix Digennaro, the Yield Farming Authority Sharing His Expertise With Today’s Go-Getters

The advent of digital technology has opened up a world of opportunities for individuals aiming to secure a financially stable future. With sectors such as the digital asset industry offering go-getters an alternative means for earning an income, people no longer have to settle for a nine-to-five job that they don’t have an interest in from the beginning. Felix Digennaro is among those currently wielding the power of online-based platforms to expand his portfolio and gain financial freedom. Armed with an in-depth understanding of the value cryptocurrency and yield farming, in particular, bring to the table, he’s also going all-out in highlighting their potential for those hoping to move away from a life dependent on paychecks. 

Hailing from humble beginnings, Felix Digennaro was born in southern Italy and grew up in a family unable to save money, let alone invest it. Along with the hours he spent reading about personal improvement and financial freedom, his experience with poverty and the struggle for every penny emphasized the importance of securing a future where he wouldn’t need to break his back for every cent. 

Given his story, one that resonates with millions of others across the globe, it didn’t come as a surprise why Felix Digennaro immersed himself in digital marketing and the myriad of ways to make money online. Soon enough, he became an organic marketing expert on Facebook and would stand as the mind behind two automation softwares. But the birth of his son, Riccardo, pushed this self-starter to set his eyes on greater heights.

After selling his software and brands to an American company, Felix Digennaro diverted his attention into yield farming, an investment strategy in DeFi that involves staking or lending one’s crypto coins to get rewards. Currently, it serves as the most significant driver of growth in the DeFi sector, credited for expanding the market cap from $500 million to $10 billion in 2020 alone. 

Despite the utility that yield farming delivers, a significant number of people in Italy, for example, still prefer trading. By shedding light on its benefits, Felix Digennaro intends to help thousands of individuals achieve financial freedom. Although the work needed to translate this vision into reality is substantial, he will continue to go the extra mile. “The work of the yield farmer is very lonely and difficult to understand even for those who already work in the field of cryptocurrencies,” shared the Bari native. “This is why I started sharing the farms in which I personally invest on Instagram and Youtube.”

The faith that Felix Digennaro has in yield farming is backed by the financial success he’s gained because of the endeavor. From earning $600 a month by working for JustEat to fattening up his wallet with the nearly $2,000 a day yield farming profit, he’s on set to make his first million. So in the face of the perks that this investment strategy could offer, it’s a no-brainer why he is pouring time and resources into having others hop on board. 

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