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‘Fighting All Monsters’: A Charitable Institution that Redefines Support for Families with Children Suffering From Cancer

Fighting All Monsters

There is nothing more worthwhile than having the ability to help others. The edifying feeling that comes with being able to alleviate others’ pains has proven to create a lasting impact that fuels some people to help more. Although this selfless act of lending a hand is easier said than done for some, others have made it their life’s purpose to ease the unfortunate circumstances that some people go through their lives. 

And with countless misfortunes that have taken over the lives of many, more people have stepped up to extend what they can to those who are continuously suffering.

Charged with a heart that can fill a void with its everlasting glow, Milk Tyson has sufficiently shown that the beauty in the act of helping is beyond the amount of money that one can pledge. Instead, it is defined in the dedication that a person is willing to devote despite the challenges that come with it. And with Milk’s immeasurable commitment to take the edge off of things, he decided to create Fighting All Monsters – an avenue where people can support and help each other as a FAMily.

Fighting All Monsters, also known as FAM, is a nonprofit organization designed to provide quality assistance for families with children facing one of the most life-threatening diseases known to man – Cancer. It mainly helps affected families go through these trying times with various resources that could ease the burdens that these people face almost every day. FAM also seeks to extend help by streamlining the process and cutting out complicated procedures for the families to acquire the needed aid.

However, FAM’s charitable pursuits are beyond its ability to raise funds for its beneficiaries. Apart from providing cash aid, FAM also sends gadgets to children in treatment for their entertainment, keeps the families’ rents and mortgages in check, and provides transportation for cancer patients to smoothly visit treatment facilities. FAM also launched programs that help other members of the family to cope with the crisis. They have recently introduced an avenue where mothers of Cancer patients can acquire decent fitting undergarments. And as the pandemic continues to plague countries worldwide, FAM has been able to provide emergency relief for these struggling families.

But apart from the variety of services that the organization has given to its beneficiaries, FAM takes pride in its ability to go beyond the whims and caprices of a cookie-cutter organization. While other charitable institutions boast of efficient and systematic ways to help more people benefit from their programs, FAM believes in the power of quality in tailor-fitted methods when giving aid. 

Through their efforts, FAM has reached out to thousands of families who deserve the help. The partnership they foster extends beyond the moment the organization has provided cash assistance to these beneficiaries. In other words, FAM’s support entails a lifelong commitment to each and every family.

FAM’s overarching altruistic vision owes much of its vigor to its founder’s zeal in helping families face adversity. Without Milk’s passion and devotion, FAM would have limited itself to the confinement of an ordinary fundraising institution.

To know more about FAM, you may visit their website.

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