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Fit Forte: Unique Workouts for Everyone

Fit Forte

Different body types react differently to specific types of workouts. Most women tend to prefer a type of workout that is suited to their personal physical abilities and strength. While all workouts generally require a certain level of physical endurance, there are those that target specific parts of the body without forcing the muscles, such as Barre Forte. 

Barre Forte is a low-impact workout that is popular as cross-training used by athletes that prevents injuries, improves performance, and builds endurance. The workout follows foundational principles of barre by first isolating, overloading, and stretching each muscle group in the body, one at a time. The result is an overwhelming body transformation that gives individuals a leaner and stronger physique. 

The first Barre Forte studio by Nadia Walker was opened in Denver in 2012. It now has 12 locations and is effectively helping women become more confident about their bodies and overall well-being. In the beginning, Barre Forte’s exercises may appear overwhelming and intimidating to new participants. Its design, however, makes room for beginners who have no prior training or experience in working out. The workout focuses on form and improving one’s body composition by carefully executing each unique movement. What interests many participants is that each class is uniquely choreographed, so they’ll never take the same class twice!

In 2018, Walker added trampoline (aka rebounding) classes at her studio. Not only does rebounding offer many benefits, but it is also designed to be a fun workout. The fusion class developed by Walker, Bar(re)bound™, is an ideal balance of cardio and toning/strengthening. 

A perfect complement to barre, the use of a trampoline intends to improve one’s body alignment and posture. Not only does rebounding result in a high rate of calories burned, but it also detoxifies the body in the process. Both rebounding and barre are proven to improve stability, overall balance, agility, and core strength. Just like barre (and unlike most cardio workouts), rebounding is low-impact, meaning significantly less stress on the joints. Rebounding also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and achieve a high metabolic rate. Ten minutes of rebounding is equivalent to running for 30 minutes. Walker has found that the overall effect on women is remarkable. Her clients have more energy and stamina for what they need to do at work and for their respective families, possess younger-looking skin, and express an increased sense of happiness overall. 

It is Walker’s dream to see women have a better appreciation of themselves as they work toward living healthier lives and sporting healthier bodies. This year, Walker also launched an online platform: Fit Forte. Its catalogue includes rebound, barre, and dance-based classes. The workouts can easily be done in the comforts of one’s home with recorded classes that are available online for a fee. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Barre Forte and Fit Forte are expected to reach a wider number of subscribers. Fit Forte even has bounce classes specifically designed for kids, so the whole family can enjoy all that the online platform has to offer! Learn more about Barre Forte by visiting its website. For more information on Fit Forte, visit this site.

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