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Fitness Coach Anthony Mendez Is Building Business Mindsets

As a successful business coach with proven business models over the last ten years, Anthony Mendez is introducing effective ways of doing business to entrepreneurs using social media. He is focused on the business aspect of fitness coaching and helping health and fitness coaches take their business to the next level. He is a social media expert who helped health and fitness entrepreneurs generate a six-figure income or more  using social media. He runs his own business health & fitness team and is also a top-level athlete and coach for Puma.

He co-hosts the podcast, “Sweat It Out,” where he talks about everything, fitness, health, business, entrepreneurship, and mindset. He is well-versed in social media use, and he has been dedicated to providing a platform where fitness entrepreneurs can learn, network, and collaborate with others to uplift the community. Anthony Mendez has been featured in some of the world’s top publications and magazines such as Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Future Sharks, Thrive Global, Medium, Kivo Daily, La Progressive, Miami Under 40, Voyage Mia, Miami Vibes Magazine, Stay Fit 305, All Health Channel and The Flamingo Mag!

His coaching program is geared towards fitness coaches and professionals, nutrition coaches, and fitness instructors. He teaches those that enroll in his programs everything they need to run a successful fitness brand. From training them to giving them all the tools, they need to run their businesses successfully using social media.

Anthony Mendez noticed a gap in the fitness coaching business, and he decided to bridge that gap. Many business coaches don’t know much about the health and fitness industry, which has given Anthony Mendez an upper hand in coaching fitness entrepreneurs. He knows that their job entails, what they are looking for, the type of language they understand, and the helpful trends in the industry. The fact that he is a health and fitness coach positions him well to handle all his clients’ needs. His coaching system is also a unique one that has never been seen in the coaching business. “If you don’t reinvent the wheel, you will experience tremendous success,” Anthony says.

His motivation to start his business came from seeing how many experienced coaches lacked social media and online marketing knowledge. Even the ones that know the importance of social media do not know how to use it effectively. This spurred him to help his fellow fitness and health professionals.

His commitment to making health and fitness coaching more valued and recognized in the community is unwavering. His five-year goal is to have a team of professional and experienced coaches, helping him impact thousands of health and fitness professionals’ lives. He also aims to teach some investment skills and get his podcast ranked as the number 1 podcast for health and fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Anthony Mendez wants to show the world that anything is possible with the right training and necessary upgrades with his proven System. In his words, “What these coaches need first is a daily system that is driving organic traffic to their online business! These coaches need to know that you need to invest in yourself always to grow and succeed. Especially now that we are all adapting to new changes!”

Learn more about Anthony Mendez on his website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendez Fitness YouTube, Sweat It Out Podcast, and TikTok.