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Forbes Coach Shermikia Lemon’s Brand Allows Personal and Business Growth for Individuals and Institutions

Knowing what one wants in life comes easy for some. Impressively, some have already gained, at a very young age, the insight about what path they want to take in the future. And in so many ways, realizing one’s dreams early in life is advantageous because it means that efforts and time from thereon could be strategically dedicated toward turning these dreams into reality.

Shermikia Lemon knew that she wanted to run a business and help others along the way. It did not take her decades to be aware of her unique purpose in life. And upon discerning that she is called to build a brand in service to others, she then set out to create a legacy within multiple industries. 

Shermikia is a Forbes coach driven to foster growth in others and is also on a mission to renew strength in women through innovation and inspiration. Penned as an “Executive Coach” by Forbes and known as the “Boardroom Powerhouse” among industry leaders, such as IBM, JP Morgan, Chase, and Duke Energy, Shermikia is widely acknowledged for her proficiency and creative expertise.

This entrepreneur and speaker, through her signature coaching and training company Mediation Solutions Group, LLC, has shown the potential to become a future household name. She helps organizations establish strategies designed for employee retention, guiding them through the effective implementation of leadership, productivity, and workplace conflict programs. 

As a researcher and expert in workplace learning and development, Shermikia boasts a signature on-site training service that highly motivates employees to yield more fruitful and business-expanding outputs. In addition, this coach also works with clients on an individual basis, lending them a hand as they strive to reach their personal goals.

It is not surprising to have already heard Shermikia’s name, for she has had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of leaders, CEOs, business managers, and executives. Her over eight years of consulting for senior-level organization heads and entrepreneurs have allowed her to impact countless people by teaching them how to achieve profitable growth with ease. 

Moreover, Shermikia has been featured on many podcasts and has graced Forsyth Women’s Magazine, Stars & Stripes, HRMAG, and more. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Peacefully Profitable Podcast, which can be heard on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play, among other platforms. The podcast does not only delve into discovering one’s passion and banking on it to make a profit but also explores how to balance life and find peace.

Shermikia currently has a new program in store for business owners. Strength in Number$ is a one-of-a-kind avenue that serves as a comprehensive program for creating, growing, and elevating one’s business to incredible heights. It enables entrepreneurs to gain a clear understanding of their prospects’ needs, providing them with a proven step-by-step process to success. 

This multi-faceted personality, who is also a regular trainer for the Women’s Resource Center, believes in staying true to one’s journey and keeping faith that dreams are attainable. She inspires the same level of confidence in obtaining life objectives in others through her training and resources geared toward self-improvement. 

In the years to come, Shermikia looks forward to expanding her influence and helping more individuals and institutions achieve their personal and professional goals.Learn more about Shermikia Lemon by visiting her website and Instagram page.