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From Farm Boy to Fitness Master: How Nicholas Poulin Built His Luxury Wellness Club

Nicholas Poulin

Nicholas Poulin is known in New York City as the best private trainer and founder of the exclusive Poulin Health & Wellness Club. His company is arguably the best fitness club in NYC, with luxury amenities and wellness philosophy that banks on the latest science and fitness techniques that are at the forefront of health science. However, only a few people know of the fitness expert’s beginning as a farm boy and the story of how he built his wellness club from the ground up.

Nicholas grew up on a farm. From a young age, he was involved in many activities on a farm, which was his introduction to the realm of physical fitness. Farm activities are known to be laborious and physically demanding; one must be strong, quick, and agile to keep up with the work.

At 19, he made the life-changing decision to leave all he had ever known and move to New York City to carve out a career in fitness. This was one of the most challenging things he had ever done. To build the career that he so desired, he had to work 90 hours a week for several years, paying his dues and diligently studying physical anatomy and the science behind fitness.

His big break came in an opportunity to work with several business moguls in New York City. These wealthy and powerful tycoons valued his holistic approach to fitness and his focus on hospitality. He made sure to give each person his undivided attention, positivity, and privacy. Since then, he has worked with several titans of the world, traveling with them on business trips and training with them in a private facility or their estate.

He has had the pleasure of working with industry leaders such as Martha Macmillan, James Robinson III, Roy Zuckerberg, George Soros, Edward Knight, and Lisa Pritzker.

Nicholas established Poulin Health & Wellness as a members-only club for the business moguls of New York City, giving them accessibility to privacy and unparalleled results that they deserve. He developed a revolutionary customizable personal training program using machine exercises, calisthenic exercises, and free weights to help his clients reach their goals. His workout program was designed to help you achieve maximum gains while minimizing injuries. 

His professional background in pain medicine and rehabilitation, combined with his stellar reputation for exceeding expectations, has earned him partnerships with Four Seasons Hotel, The Center For Preventative Medicine, and several sought-after physicians.

Nicholas is a member of the International Sports Science Association, where he is a noted corrective exercise specialist. He is certified at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has conducted over 3,000 assessments. With his experience, he has seen countless health problems heal with the help of consistent weight training and stretching. Nicholas prides himself on striving for a pain-free life in his members. He has worked with many clients suffering from problems with bone density, atrophy, shoulder pain, and knee pain, whose physical ailments have all vanished with his training.

His career has gifted him with invaluable lessons that he eagerly shares with anyone striving to build their own empire. He enjoys acting as a motivational coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. His experience in health has made him passionate about volunteering and raising money for cancer, which he does on behalf of his younger sister, aunt, and grandmother. Nicholas hopes that his story can become an inspiration for all the farm boys in their small towns who want to make it big in the city.

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