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From US Service to the Grammys: How Half Deezy Kept an Unwavering Passion for Years

Half Deezy

For so many years, several artists have made their mark and sealed their legacies in the music industry. Their impact was significant enough to become standards in the industry, and their names are nearly always brought up when an up and coming artist shows up on the block.

Bands like The Beatles and Queen are two of the biggest names that come up when a new band is making the rounds. Bruno Mars has a vocal range that many people say is reminiscent of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. While comparisons can be very flattering, others hope to build a career all on their own and step out of those comparisons. Luckily for artist Half Deezy, he has the voice that stands out on its own.

Half Deezy is American and Filipino, born in the state of California. Growing up, he moved around a lot owing to his father’s occupation as a Marine. They were only able to settle down once his father got out. He grew up with a dream of making music. Although he had no musical background, Deezy was adamant about learning on his own.

Because change was constant in his early life, along with music, one of the few consistent things that remained with Deezy was movies. He was always fascinated by movie magic, watching the behind the scenes footage in the DVDs he could get his hands on. The three genres that stuck with him the most were horror, drama, and dark comedy. These genres would later play a significant role in his storytelling and film making abilities.

Before he worked in the entertainment industry, Deezy served in the United States Army. He would remain in services for ten years, planning life after his service. Once he got out, he set out to chase his passion. 

Owing to his freedom, Deezy was able to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Cinematography from the Los Angeles Film School as well as writing his songs, producing his music, and pushing his brand. While it may sound tiresome, Deezy’s passion for both was able to push himself forward. 

While he has been making a name for himself in the media industry, Deezy has already become a big name in the music industry. He is primarily known for his distinct voice, making it impossible to confuse him with other artists. His success was not an overnight story, as he had been looked over for many years. Regardless, he continued to shape his sound and sharpened his lyrical skills. Since he launched his career, he has opened for various artists including Bone Thugs N Harmony, Lil White, and G-Eazy. 

Deezy is now a professional member of the Grammy Awards for four years and is known for featuring in songs with Platinum artists. Among the many names he has worked with are Bone Thugs N Harmony members Bizzy Bone and Lazy Bone, Baby Eazy E, Dogg Pound Gangstas, and Stat Quo. Some of the notable works he has been included in are Tonight, Good Day, Soulja Boy Diss, and They Hate U.S. All of which are available on streaming platforms.

To know more about Half Deezy, you may visit his website and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Half Deezy’s songs are also available on Spotify.

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