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From Zero to Hero, Joey Sendz Dominates the NFT World at 20 Years Old

The NFT industry has given people from different walks of life incredible life-changing opportunities. The world has drastically shifted over the past few years, and long-lasting success is at the tip of our fingers. We just know when to recognize a golden opportunity when it falls under our lap. 20-year-old Joey Sendz is among the many crypto millionaires that have made it big thanks to the emerging blockchain technology, and he has made it his mission to help others succeed just like he has.

After dropping out of college, Joey Sendz ventured from Minnesota to Arizona. It was a giant leap of fate, as he had to leave his comfortable home with friends and family to explore a new environment. Being in a new environment with a bunch of strangers forced Joey to adapt, but this eventually led him to discover his true potential.

He began by initiating conversations with strangers and eventually found his way to the circle of friends of his current business partner, TheBlondeJon. Throughout this formative experience, Joey Sendz has done just about everything from door-to-door sales, crypto trading, and social media influencing to now launching NFTs.

Nowadays, Joey Sendz has become the co-founder of multiple successful business ventures. The firebrand entrepreneur is best known for Junior Punks and The former is an NFT project consisting of 5,555 procedurally generated pixel art NFTs housed on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The ultimate goal of Junior Punks is to provide holders with as much learning and educational value as possible. Through the project, Joey hosts AMAs with celebrities, public figures, distinguished entrepreneurs, and other knowledgeable people from a wide variety of industries. He also hosts masterminds, releases video content tackling various strategies, and has an alpha chat team and community where people can freely exchange ideas.

“In the good times in the market, we help people take massive profits, and in the downtimes, we help them maneuver with ease,” shared Joey. “When we were launching our NFT project, we had to win the trust of thousands of people, not only to support us but to trust us with their money. Being two 20-year-olds, we had to go the extra mile to not only prove that we were smart, confident, and competent but also to command respect. Investors needed to know that we would be able to handle ourselves in large-scale business situations, that we could be trusted with millions of dollars to create some amazing things,” he added. 

Meanwhile, is yet another educational avenue for all things Web3. The esteemed brand is the pioneer platform for providing fully NFT-centered articles. “This will make a massive impact on the space because of how mainstream it is becoming. There are so many different sectors within Web3 now, and it’s hard for the average investor to keep up with all of the news without having their eyes glued to Twitter for 16 hours a day,” he said. “ has both an accompanying NFT project Paper Boyz, as well as a subscription-based Discord where holders get access to tons of tools, chats, and educational information to 10x their trading results.”

Joey Sendz has definitely come a long way from his humble beginnings. Through his relentless passion and unrivaled determination, he has built himself into a powerhouse in the business industry. He went from having zero assets to now earning multi-million dollars per year, and it’s extremely exciting what the young maverick is about to do next.

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