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Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT Providing Utility in a Fully Animated World

As the NFT world continues to see new projects come to life, new terrains are being conquered with many new collections with their use cases and functions. Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT is one NFT collection based solely on utility to give holders or owners as much value as possible.

Set in a fictional animated world, the Galaxy Invaders Gang have lived in their world for more than a millennium. They have spent all those years developing and advancing their technologies. However, despite the advancements they have gone through, their galaxy risks having depleted resources, and the gang is now on the brink of extinction. The only way out is to explore other galaxies, invade them, and deplete their resources to survive. This NFT collection is their way of setting out on their dangerous mission.

Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT is a collection of animated aliens with colorful accessories and assets, including backgrounds. The project is targeted towards people of all ages and backgrounds as the creators intend to build a strong community of people with common interests and goals in the NFT world.

Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT has a definitive roadmap with different milestones at each stage. The collection has over 120 items that will be used in different combinations on the mission to acquire resources. This fictional world of aliens has some rare technological pieces available only in that world, and the Galaxy Invaders have decided to go in search of more resources.

Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT is built using RUST technology and powered by ETH. The creators have created an extensive roadmap that covers all the bases in terms of milestones and goals for the collection. The creators look forward to initiating a marketing campaign, registering 1,500 Discord members, and launching the pre-sale campaign for the first pre-launch stage. In the first phase of the roadmap, the creators expect 25% of the collection to sell out while getting featured on, growing the Discord members to 3,000, scaling up marketing, getting verified on, and partnering with multiple NFT stakeholders.

The project is fully animated as it launches users into a world of endless opportunities and value. Further down in its roadmap, Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT also aims to launch its first holder airdrop once 50% of the supply gets sold. The creators have tagged this stage the ”Invader Gang Armada Development,” and it will open the way for large-scale NFT events with other communities. The third phase of the supply sales will kickstart charity partnerships and sponsorship of streamers.

Taking full advantage of the rapidly developing NFT world, Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT will be powered by ETH based on RUST technology. They depend on their holders and owners to ensure their continued existence.Learn more about Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT on its official website, Twitter page or Discord channel.

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