Garrett Niconienko Commits to Using Social Media Stardom to Educate Audience on Crypto

While cryptocurrency has been around for more than a decade, it still remains as a relatively vague concept for some people. Others also remain skeptical whether a cryptocurrency will stand the test of time. But social media influencer Garrett Niconienko amplifies that cryptocurrency is here to stay, and he aims to use his established image online to educate people on the matter and help them succeed as investors of the digital currency.

Garrett Niconienko has gone viral multiple times across social media platforms. He has appeared on videos by various content creators, including YouTuber Mr. Beast. Garrett has successfully grown his platform from 180,000 followers to 530,000 followers today, and the number continues to grow. On top of using his accounts to spread positivity through his funny content and inspirational posts, the influencer now wants to use his status to change lives through cryptocurrency.

Like many of his audiences today, Garrett Niconienko also started from the bottom. He has always been intrigued by cryptocurrency and the endless opportunities within its arena, but he did not have the knowledge to maximize his potential in the field. “I have worked with some bad actors in the crypto space before and wanted months of my time,” Garrett recalled. “I overcame it by creating friendships with integrity-based crypto influencers and seeking an alliance with good integrity-based projects with a good solid product.”

Garrett Niconienko also shared that he met people in the crypto space who are using thor platforms to build products and help the world progress, calling them integrity-based influencers. He was inspired to follow in their footsteps. He also explained how integrity-based influencers are cutting off the needless dumps of destructive projects that are causing detrimental damage to the entire crypto space.

Asked how he managed to climb to the top of his game, Garrett Niconienko shared that he received guidance and mentorship from others who also used their passion for impacting others. “I look up to the people who initially helped me build my following,” he said. “I also look up to my mentor and partner, Hunter Harrison from Catch Marketing, based in Greenville, NC.”

Garrett Niconienko is currently back in school to finish his Business Marketing Degree, all while navigating his way in the cryptocurrency industry and paving the way for other influencers to follow his path. “My goal is to build the bridge between modern-day social media marketing and crypto marketing,” said Garrett. Furthermore, the influencer is also working on an IGtv series. 

“I believe crypto is here to stay,” said Garrett Niconienko. “I just want to be able to do what I want and let people have some insight on my experiences,” he added further. Although many remain skeptical towards the concept of cryptocurrency, the influencer assures that with the right education and empowerment, everyone can understand the impact crypto can leave in one’s life, especially for those finding financial stability or looking towards creating generational wealth. With his authentic purpose on why he wants to occupy space on social media, there’s no doubt that Garrett will become a household name anytime soon.

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