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Get-Rich-Quick Fantasy Slayer Hillorie Le Tells Crypto Enthusiasts to be Cautious and Practice Diligence

Hillorie Le

Investing in cryptocurrency isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and Crypto Queen Hillorie Le  wants to make sure new traders can achieve consistent success long-term.

The Canadian, also known by her students as the “Get-Rich-Quick Fantasy Slayer” or more endearingly as the “Crypto Queen”, launched her own trading education platform through 2020 to help novices in the digital currency space begin building their investment portfolios.

She is honest about her method – it is not a quick fix with promised and fast results. Instead, Ms Le’s Crypto Trading Mastery class focuses on teaching the fundamentals of buying and selling based on her expertise as a university accredited accountant and full-time trader.

“My course is designed to walk students through all the fundamentals of trading the markets, so they fully understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, the reasons it works, and what happens if they don’t follow the rules,” Ms Le said.

“I do not believe in getting-rich-quick or getting-rich-easy. Instead, I teach grounded principles in bulletproof trader’s mindset, risk management, and money management that many other trading courses and mentors don’t teach or blatantly ignore.

“It’s about encouraging my students to aim for consistent profitability instead of telling them to fight tooth and nail to hit that one big $10,000 profit trade, which is not only highly stressful but also unsustainable.”

“Daily percentage promises, guaranteed weekly or monthly payouts, signal services, trading bots – these are all warning flags you should run away from. Someone promising that you will become a millionaire in a year with their magic pill strategy? Run faster.

“Sure, a million in a year, it’s possible. But it’s not likely nor realistic for 99.9% of the population.”

After grasping the fundamentals of trading on the traditional foreign exchange market in 2014, she was able to successfully build her portfolio to a point where she could comfortably quit her job and embrace the lifestyle she wanted. Ms Le moved to Australia with her partner for several months before travelling through Southeast Asia.

It was in a Vietnam hotel room that she decided it was time to take the plunge into the world of cryptocurrency – something she had watched from afar but had not bought into.

With the help of a mentor, she learnt all the tips and tricks she implements today. Friends and family began to ask for her expertise in trading as the coronavirus pandemic set in. It was then Ms Le began to realise her skill set and knowledge could help the many people who had found themselves out of work or struggling to make ends meet.

The Crypto Trading Mastery course launched in May 2020 through her business Crypto to Riches Trading Education. Using her unique “Crypto Surf Strategies”, she hopes online currency novices, particularly women, can skill up and make the most out of their finances.

“At the height of the pandemic, I realized there was a real need for reliable and factual crypto information as people were stuck at home, jobless, and looking for ways to make income online,” Ms Le said.

“A lot of people came to me, both male and female, seeking refuge from the loud, obnoxious, boastful attitudes typically seen in the crypto corner of YouTube.

““Finding you and your course has been such a breath of fresh air””, she reads, “these are the messages that fill my inboxes, and I’m so grateful I could be that for even one person”, says Ms Le.

Since she began teaching, Ms Le has helped thousands of people in more than 65 countries open their first Bitcoin wallets and get comfortable understanding, buying, using, and spending their cryptocurrency. But she is not done yet. Her mission is to empower one million families by equipping the world with crypto and financial literacy so they can replace their income, build their wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

“It’s a big feat to aim for, but I’m already in 65 more countries than I was when I started a year ago, teaching and guiding those that trust me and give me the opportunity to lead them towards success in the markets.”

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