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Get Up With Hannah Takes Exercise and Nutrition to Another Level

Self-care is a vital part of survival today, and exercise is an integral part of self-care. Many people struggle with exercising and getting adequate motivation and may need extra help to get the best out of every workout.

Get Up With Hannah makes exercise easier for people, and the best part is, they can be anywhere in the world to enjoy the service. As an online exercise program, Get Up With Hannah benefits anyone and everyone, whether you have access to a gym full of equipment or want to do a 30-minute workout at home to get your day started.

Signing up with Get Up With Hannah is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and self-care. The customized programs are tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle. The online exercise program can be for people who have never touched a weight before, for advanced individuals, or for someone looking to learn more about getting their kettlebell certification. 

Hannah Hutson, the founder, was motivated to establish Get Up With Hannah when she overtrained to the point of injury during her fitness journey. She paid little attention to her nutrition and had a bad relationship with her body, which ultimately led to back injuries, a fracture, and a bulging disc. The damage was a pivotal point in her life as her doctors warned her never to lift more than 30 pounds of weight again.

Hannah figured that she could do something about it and find a way to exercise that her body agrees with instead of giving up. She started hardstyle kettlebell training, tailored her nutrition to her body’s demand, and learned better body awareness. 

Realizing that there are many people like her, Hannah figured that she could help other women realize that they can create a balanced diet, eat more food, and lose weight without cutting back calories to 1,200 per day. “I wanted to let people know that injuries are scary but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t ever lift again,” she states. “I wanted to help others learn how to lift properly and see that they can be strong through a proper training program.”

Hannah graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and has a Precision Nutrition certification that has given her a better understanding of nutrition. She also has four certifications in fitness—two kettlebells, one barbell, and one bodyweight certification—and is the owner of Belltown Strength & Conditioning in Seattle, WA.

Get Up With Hannah’s online program maintains an open communication line, interacting with clients daily to provide 24/7 support, motivation, and accountability.

The Get Up With Hannah online fitness and nutrition program’s goal is to integrate healthy habits into the lives of clients in a way that they will stick and become a lifestyle after the program is over as it does not just focus on nutrition and fitness. The program also focuses on helping clients create a better mindset and relationship with their bodies.

Hannah Hutson plans to keep running Get Up With Hannah for many years to come. In her words, “In five years, I’d like to continue helping people through my customized programs but on a larger scale. I’d love to reach more people and educate them on what a balanced, healthy lifestyle can look like.”

Learn more about Get Up With Hannah on the official website and Instagram.

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