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Girl Power Overflows Within the Doki Division NFT Community

What is undeniably exciting and attractive about the non-fungible token (NFT) community in the blockchain is that it pulls together like-minded individuals who share the same passions, interests, and inclinations. With the recent announcement of Doki Division in the metaverse, women NFT enthusiasts, digital art collectors, and investors have cause to celebrate as it makes an explosive representation of all the fearless, dedicated, and hardworking women in the financial technology space. While minting is open to men and women alike, the community is a resounding platform to promote the artistry of women in the area of anime. 

Created, owned, and managed by women, Doki Division features extraordinary hand-drawn anime art that depicts the many potentials and attributes of women, from being feisty to fun, aggressive, sweet, and daring, to mention a few. The team behind the NFT community is especially proud of the distinct artistry shown by its artist known as Dokusugar. She was able to successfully exemplify what women are capable of when it comes to anime art, and being able to create NFT characters out of them that are investment-worthy and worth collecting has made all the difference. 

The Doki Division was founded by Nightmare. Alongside her are designer Tidepoool and developer Slothrop. The team opted for edgier and dark-themed anime designs to differentiate the characters from the usual cute animal-type avatars in the metaverse. They come featuring more than 120 traits, including hair, accessories, outfits, and tattoos. The characters are automatically generated using a unique code programmed by their creators. 

There are three distinct classes that classify the characters: High Class, Middle Class, and Low Class. The High-Class tokens are The Nekoids (Feline Race), The Akumas (The Blood Race), and The Seraphimas (The Spirit Race). Making up the Middle Class The Nymphs (Mystic Race) and The Aethers (Hue Race). The Low-Class group, on the other hand, is composed of commoners, better known as The Florans. 

Apart from Doki Division’s impressive anime art and designs, the roadmap will show investors and potential holders the promising journey they are engaging in when they come on board. Ten thousand unique Doki Girls are available for minting and those who are whitelisted will be able to gain access to the tokens prior to its public sale. The Doki clothing line will be introduced shortly after the minting phase starts. The line will feature merchandise bearing the original anime designs owned by the community. Interestingly, revenue from the sales will be put back to the community to finance future developments. 

After the launching of the clothing line, the process of hiring writers and artists to help out in the creation of a manga adaptation will take place. When half of the tokens have been sold, all Doki holders will become part of the exclusive Doki DAO, where the community controls 100% of royalties. The Doki Club also includes exclusive and rare prizes, including vacation trips, development sneak peeks, and cash drops, among others. Finally, the video game adaptation will begin once all the tokens have been sold. From then on, holders can expect more developments and collaborations that will blow their minds away. 

Learn more about Doki Division by visiting its website. Follow the community’s official Twitter account for updates on its latest projects.

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