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Global Bear Club Targets Crypto Enthusiasts and the Underprivileged

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the future of digital collectibles. Regardless of whether there is one token or 100 million available, each unique piece makes it stand out from other projects and make NFTs what they are today. The more this metaverse expands with new innovations, we can expect even more different types/shapes tokens that will enter our world, completely redefining how we think about managing assets. 

NFT projects over time have taken up advocacy, addressing social vices, building the next generation of business moguls and entrepreneurs, and creating an opportunity to amass wealth and stay ahead of their peers. However, the latest NFT project on the horizon, Global Bear Club, is taking a diversion—this time away from what we are used to and with a more unconventional approach with the scheduled release of its 8,888 unique token collection. 

Ahead of the official release, the developers are set to make available 8,888 unique NFTs for minting. Potential buyers and future holders thus have a lot to look forward to. Future holders would also be ecstatic to learn that the fast-rising Bear Club community will give them the opportunity to be an integral part of an initiative to give back to society. By donating parts of the profits to a nonprofit, Global Bear Club is at the forefront of giving a new lease of life to people who normally would have found it difficult to make any serious headway. 

Global Bear Club comes in three different shapes and forms. Investors and users can customize their tokens around: Lanyard: unique and representing 1% trait that grants access and VIP exclusive perks to holders. Fur: On the other hand, represents a variety of fur colors including pink, merle, mechanical, camo among several others and, Jewelry: a high quality and realistic jewelry that is a high rarity in the collection and in addition, 1 of 1 clothing and accessories also representing different phases of the token.  

Although NFTs are considered a smart investment opportunity, daily, new entrants and projects change how we view these tokens. For the Global Bear Club, aside from NFT connoisseurs and people within a community, its corporate social responsibility is the next in line of what the developers had in mind while conceiving the project.

“Our target audience includes people within a community wanting to contribute to a greater cause. “We pride ourselves on doing our best to deliver change to the world and providing donations to nonprofits and our holders. We want a community that is responsive and can work together for the ultimate purpose,” the company’s spokesperson shared.

Undoubtedly, Global Bear Club is a refreshing development to digital art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and investors alike, especially those who are passionate about comic books and superheroes. 

The developers of Global Bear Club said, “We are committed to getting the word out about crypto enthusiasts who want in on this exciting new frontier.” This means generating momentum through social media influencer activities like Twitter and Instagram and even more Discord servers.

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