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H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou: Judge, Banker, Author and Philanthropist

Sir Patrick Bijou (born 1958) is a UN Ambassador, Sovereign Judge, Fund Manager, bestselling Author, and Philanthropist. His experience in the financial sector spans over three decades, and his clientele includes world governments, multinational corporations, and banking institutions. His speciality is in the debt capital markets, where he handles private placements, derivatives, equities, and futures trading. He has worked with leading international banks such as Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and Wells Fargo. He is also famous for his ties to his ancestral roots.

Early Life and Education

H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou was born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, on December 1, 1958. When he was five, he moved to England with his father. He completed most of his primary education in England and then went to the USA for further studies. He made his first significant mark in the financial sector when he purchased American Airlines shares before its merger. Thanks to his timely investment, he was already worth thousands of dollars by the time he acquired his MBA from Haworth Business School. He began working with many established banks, such as Merrill Lynch and Deutsche. He then returned to England, where he excelled as a Fund Manager due to his financial and wealth management skills and keen perception of the capital markets. Due to Sir Patrick’s extraordinary success in banking, he was knighted by the Chinese Sovereign rulers, and he was also granted a knighthood from the Knights Templar Malta for his humanitarian services.

Igbo Ancestry  

Despite his British citizenship, H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou is exceptionally fond of his African roots. He found time to visit the village of his African grandmother in the town that has become the city Sekondi-Takoradi in Ghana. He felt an overwhelming sense of peace, belonging, and beauty in the village of his forebears and decided to work in Ghana and Nigeria on various missions. Due to his Igbo ancestry and a keen appreciation for his African roots, he has been conferred a royal by HRM Eze Dr Amb. Chukwudi Ihenetu (King of the Igbo people of Ghana). Sir Patrick later became Duke of the Igbo people, a symbolic affirmation of his African roots.


Sir Patrick’s illustrious career began as a private banker working at Wells Fargo in 1986. During his four years at that institution, he rose to the ranks as a Tier 1Trader, where he focused mainly on the debt capital markets, structured products, and private placement. He moved to Merrill Lynch in 1992, where he worked as a financial analyst for some four years before joining Credit Agricole CIB in France as a Tier 1 Trader and Fund Manager. He later worked for five years at Deutsche Bank as a level 17 banker and analyst. Sir Patrick then founded the legendary Tiger Fund, where he worked as CEO and Asset Manager. 

In 2007, Sir Patrick managed Blackstone’s Investment/operations and trading platform as Fund Manager. He decided to embark on his sabbatical, primarily focused on his philanthropic work and writing. Finally, in 2015, he assumed the role of Fund Manager in LWP Capital, which he founded and became a distinguished author for his writings on the financial markets and a bestselling fiction writer. He was appointed as Senior Redemption and Sovereign Judge at the International Court of Justice in 2018. He received an honorary appointment as High Commander and Vice President of the European Police Federation (EUROPOL) and, in 2021, UN Ambassador for The World Peace Tract.

Adding to his list of innovations is the economic phenomenon of Contract for Difference (CFD) and leverage, a genuinely pioneering concept that today’s banks and trading institutions adopt. CFD has changed how trading is executed across capital markets using clever leverage and notional funding ratios. He has also authored books and articles about CFD, offering his valuable expertise and knowledge on becoming wealthy by executing his asset management and wealth strategies. Finally, he was awarded for his proficiency and innovation by receiving the most prestigious awards from the Valley of the Stars award and the Circle of Stars award from Wells Fargo bank for his outstanding banking services.

His influence and leadership roles cannot go unnoticed, as he is a Global Ambassador for the International Rights & Welfare Association (IRAWA) and Ambassador of the Royal Diplomatic Club. He was appointed Ambassador and member of the governing board of trustees and duly awarded the Human Excellency Award and the Academy of Universal Global Peace. Being the President of the International Banking Relations of the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club and on the board of trustees of NGOs and IGOs, speaks volumes about his prowess in banking and social benevolence. 

 Net Worth

Sir Patrick is believed to have an estimated net worth of some US$16 Billion. 

Philanthropy and Advocacy 

Sir Patrick is actively involved in charitable work. He has his philanthropic foundations and has also sourced funds for other benevolent organisations, such as the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity and Cancer Support Community.

He sits as Trustee and Governor of many charitable organisations, NGOs, and Universities. He advocates for equal access to health care, particularly for communities of the ethnic minority,  the poor and the dispossessed. He has launched his Charitable Foundations, through which he has donated millions to various charities around the world, especially in Africa and his native South America.

He is an advocator for the “Creative Society”, in which he promotes equal access to quality health care for communities of colour, housing and education for the poor. As of 2022, he has donated over $50 million to charitable causes worldwide. Much of the donations are centred toward health care, education, democracy, and human rights efforts.


Sir Patrick has tailored funding and investments for many different clients, including governments, banks, and financial institutions, and has implemented over $1.3B in financing for social housing in the Bahamas. His financial architecture and engineering skills have created off-balance-sheet solutions to ratify capital inadequacy shortfalls. He is a venture capitalist and has backed and advised several successful start-ups. He has extensive asset management experience and currently runs two significant funds. His return ratios are of the highest levels in his sector, offering clients very satisfying returns on their capital.

Sir Patrick’s vast experience and out-of-box thinking allowed him to design the masterful Leverage Wealth Program to fund projects which shaped leverage ratios and fractional reserve for central and prime banks worldwide. It was a remarkable indicator of his PhD thesis.

However, he is best known for founding one of the world’s most significant hedge funds, The Tiger Fund. Since 1988, he has served as the firm’s co-chief investment officer and is considered a leading innovator in finance. He has popularised such commonly used currency overlay, portable alpha, and risk parity practices to avoid much of the impact of the stock market implosion in 2008 and experienced extraordinary economic growth over subsequent years. His life achievements and storey are fascinating as he came to prominence after a client came forward with a need to raise $350 million for a large sports complex in New Jersey, USA 1988. As word spread, he ultimately had around $6 billion in projects that were sourcing funding. In 2015, he was introduced to a European private banker, where a relationship developed, and he became Fund Manager of another Fund with five trade groups operating out of the top five banks.

He is a firm believer in keeping the right relationships. He believes that everything in life is attainable if you believe in yourself and have the necessary tools. He has built professional relationships with many influential people based on transparency and integrity concerning his core belief. An author of over twenty-five books, Sir Patrick retains a rare sense of innovation and adaptability that helps him stay on top of changing trends. 

Not willing to be confined to a specific field or area in his life and career, he has developed his business management skills, writing, ethics, and corporate and judicial governance to support a better world and leave a lasting legacy.


Sir Patrick is a prolific author with numerous book titles and publications. Some of his most recent books are:

  • Guide to Private Placement Project Funding Trade Programs: Understanding High-Level Project Funding Trade Programs
  • Private Placement Programs: The Holy Grail
  • Unlocking The Secrets Of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency: CryptoCurrency Made Easy
  • Cryptocurrency Millionaire
  • Cryptocurrency: The Next Level for Banking Reform
  • Secret of Wealth Creation: Principle lessons on the secrets of building a long-lasting wealth
  • How To Trade Derivatives And CFDs To Make Millions
  • Financial Intelligence
  • The Blueprint to Intelligent Investors: Stock and Shares Trading, How to Become a Millionaire and Private Placement
  • Special Drawing Rights (SDR) and the Federal Reserve

Personal Life

Aside from writing and working in the financial sector, Sir Patrick enjoys hiking and playing the guitar. He has played in rock bands whilst at university and continues to play today. He is an avid lover of outdoor life. But he especially loves conservation and the arts, travelling the world and enjoying diverse cultures. However, his real passion is conservation, and he is said to be heavily involved in preserving endangered species.


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