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H.E Sir Patrick Bijou net worth

Patrick Tristram Bijou is a distinguished investment banker, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist who has a net worth of $16 billion. He has earned his fortune primarily as a Tier 1 wall street trader and fund manager. He is most famous for being the chairman and founder of the Tiger Fund and his role as fund manager for Blackstone, creating the concept of Contract for Difference, and leverage in the financial markets. Sir Patrick remained on as Tiger Funds’ non-executive chairman. He rarely gives interviews and lives with his partner and has fathered two children. He founded various foundations, established Bijou Trust and Private Equity, and has given $50 million to multiple hospitals and universities worldwide, where he sits as trustee and governor. He has also donated vast amounts of his wealth to the cause of climate change, the environment and world peace through his NGO World Peace Tracts. He is currently a governor and trustee of the American University, UN Peace Ambassador, Fund Manager, Philanthropist, and Senior Redemption Sovereign Judge for the ICJ-ICC.

He is also an eminent writer and has authored books such as The Blueprint To Intelligent Investors, Private Placement Programs: The Holy Grail, How To Trade Derivatives And CFDs To Make Millions,

Financial Intelligence: Fundamentals Of Private Placement Programs (PPP)

Special Drawing Rights (SDR) And The Federal Reserve, Cryptocurrency: The Next Level For Banking Reform, to name a few.

His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou was born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, in 1958. He graduated from Camden County College in 1982 with an MBA and received his PhD in Economics from Haworth Business School USA. His Excellency then went into the business of investing and had early success when he purchased shares in Northeast Airlines just before its merger. Before attending university, he had developed an investment portfolio of many thousands of dollars. Sir Patrick excelled as a bond trader and took up opportunities at various banks, including Deutsche and Merrill Lynch on Wall Street. On his return to England, he became a specialist in the debt capital markets, private placements and structured products. He has led a staggering run as a specialist financier and hedge fund manager with unique wealth-building abilities. He specializes in strategic planning, private placements, debt capital markets, derivatives and futures trading and structured products —making him one of the most versatile, adept and accomplished investment bankers and business personalities in the present times.

Net Worth details

His Excellency is believed to be worth an undisclosed sum, but his estimated wealth is $16 billion as of 2021, and he has donated several million to charitable causes. Much of that money has gone to fund education and health programs, human rights efforts, and the furtherance of democracy. In recent years, he has donated funds to create missions in his native South America, where he has established infrastructure, hospitals, medical care and schools for the indigenous Amazonian Indians. 

Sir Patrick made most of his money through the Tiger fund, from which he has collected at least $11.5 billion over the years. He owns about $1.4 billion of the $60 billion family office fund he now manages. He founded and managed the Tiger Fund, and it has currently returned an average of over 40 per cent since 1988.

Two years later, he became part of Morgan Grenfell’s Asset Management and was promoted to Managing Director of the USA investment business in 1992, amongst other roles. Under his leadership, the company saw impressive growth as the assets under management surged from $4 billion to $22.5 billion.

Only a handful of personalities in finance have made a name for themselves on a global level. Sir Patrick is one of them. There are a number of reasons why he was knighted by the authority of the Sovereign Rulers of China and Hong Kong in 2018. 

His belief and vision

Sir Patrick has a career of over three decades, during which he has shown his excellence in a wide range of roles. He firmly believes that continuous learning fosters enduring growth, which is why he has dedicated most of his career to mentoring, teaching, and guiding the upcoming generation of traders, investors and entrepreneurs. 

His vision in life is to help people take inspired actions towards their goals through unbiased education. He encourages them to follow their dream to create a better world and leave behind a lasting legacy. He believes that creativity, imagination, and resilience can materialize even the most far-reaching dreams. His dream is to create a world where everyone lives compassionately and can freely express their creative ideas.

His guiding principles

Sir Patrick firmly discourses that innovation is driving the business world today. New ideas fuel businesses towards growth and success—an idea that has been presented in most of his books and training programs. In his view, entrepreneurship is based on ambitious action, and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit can elevate people’s business acumen and take them close to unimaginable success.

Over the years, his involvement with various charitable organizations speaks volumes about his empathetic and altruistic nature. He loves serving humanity and wishes to make a positive difference in people’s lives. As an exemplar of innovative thinking, business acuity, and humankind, Sir Patrick desires to follow his unique path in life and encourage others to seek their dreams and aspirations. 

Sir Patrick states,

“During his entire career, he has been fighting to make universal values a practical reality for as many people as possible. Humanity is stronger than yesterday, but peace and universal values are not a permanent state of being. Contrary to that belief, I have been aware during my entire life that peace and universal values are an objective toward which we should strive continually. We can only improve our lives and everyone’s lives through unremitting effort”.

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