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Helping 10,000 families in Lebanon – Team Humanity USA working on Impact of Refugee Camps

The refugee crisis has impacted Lebanon and its population on a massive scale as they have welcomed refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and other parts of the world. One thing is sure that helping refugees in Lebanon is not an easy task. The government is facing a severe economic meltdown forcing these refugees to return to their homes. These people have nowhere else to go as their homeland is going through war or other conflicts, and face starvation as well as persecution with the lack of a government body to protect their rights. NGOs are doing their best to minimize the anguish of refugees and the people of Lebanon. Team Humanity USA is also working there to provide food, shelter and medications to these families. But the population tolls around 4 million, and the whole country, including the refugees, is in crisis. People are living below the poverty line and have been infected by numerous diseases. Malnutrition has become more common than ever, especially among women and children. The country needs help. 

The economic downfall in Lebanon has pushed three-quarters of the country’s population into poverty. Many politicians and government officials in Lebanon have blamed refugees for these crises. Although refugees alone can’t be accused of this mess up, the conflicts in the Middle East have come at a high cost to Lebanon and its people. The situation is getting worse with every passing day in the region. Even the most remote Lebanese communities are feeling the pressure of this massive population growth, with refugees now living in more than 1,700 localities throughout the country. In fact, they have now outnumbered the local residents in some areas. 

During these periods of humanitarian crises, the power to turn the tides of tragedy and prevent the possibilities of loss of life rests on humanitarian aid organizations. Across the globe, different organizations, including the United Nations, have been working to provide assistance to the people of Lebanon as well as the refugees. From food to vaccines, NGOs have come out to help the suffering nation. With a vow to help the despairing nation and end their misery, Team Humanity USA is on the ground to help the Lebanese and the refugees. The Impact Lebanon Project is about supporting and helping the most vulnerable communities in the region. As the country faces its worst economic and humanitarian crises, the economic downturn has pushed people into poverty and deprivation. Families can’t afford to buy food for their children, and many are suffering from acute malnutrition. They are barely surviving. The Impact Lebanon initiative works to relieve extreme hardship due to the inhumane conditions for families and children living in refugee camps in Lebanon.

Moreover, the crisis-hit country is facing a vaccine shortage as it witnesses the first outbreak of cholera in three decades. The first case was discovered a month ago, but now it’s spread across the entire country. There are already around 2,700 cases and 18 deaths. The country’s collapsing water and sewage infrastructure have opened a breeding ground for the contagious disease. People of Lebanon have to drink water from wells as they are left with no other option. Multiple water treatment plants in the country are unable to pump water to households. Also, The South Lebanon Water Establishment recently announced that they would have to completely cut off water services due to the lack of electricity, leaving thousands more in Lebanon without running water.

Team Humanity USA has already served more than 10,000 families, including the people of Lebanon and also refugees. Providing them with food, shelter and clean resources, Team Humanity USA went above and beyond to help such people. In the past, they have helped the most vulnerable communities in Africa by building water well systems in remote areas and providing safe access to clean water daily. The team is working actively on their goal to improve the water supply for African countries by delivering clean and safe water to communities in need. Like they have created water wells in Africa to promote healthy living and reduce the impact of waterborne illnesses, Team Humanity USA attempts to do the same in Lebanon.

With a pledge to do whatever it takes to instill hope in people’s lives, Team Humanity USA has visited various camps helping people suffering from crises all over the world. They are committed to providing humanitarian and educational outreach to vulnerable communities around the globe by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, as well as nurturing and promoting human welfare. The team is focused on providing relief and emergency aid to countries like Ukraine, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Support their Impact Lebanon Project as they deliver life-saving care by distributing food essentials and clean water supply to the most vulnerable communities in Lebanon.

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