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Hip-Hop Artist Ken$hii Blakk Is Back with New Single “Legit!”

Ken$hii Blakk

The last month of 2020 marks another beginning for upcoming artist Ken$hii Blakk. Following the success of his song called “Pain ATP” in August, the artist is back in the music scene with another promising single entitled “Legit!”

The hip-hop artist has been releasing songs for multiple years and has eventually built a strong fanbase across the country. Ken$hii Blakk has produced countless singles, mixtapes, and drops, capturing music lovers nationwide with his authenticity and lyricism. Being one of the most promising artists of his generation, Ken$hii is determined to grow further as a musician and entrepreneur at the same time.

Although he has been creating music for many years, 2020 is by far the most exciting and productive year of his career. Ken$hii Blakk has been deterred in The Source’s Top 20 Rising Artists of 2020 and has also showcased his talents on numerous platforms. The young creative has continually left listeners in awe of his unique take on hip-hop. Today, with his new single, “Legit!,” Ken$hii Blakk hopes to reach more audiences around the globe.

Ken$hii Blakk is recognized for his uptempo production merged with his distinct confidence in music. With his ability to create unique cadences and tonal shifts using his drum and bass patterns, the artist brings something fresh to the table. His voice is a big hit in some of the biggest clubs in the United States. Ken$hii Blakk ensures that his songs bear and reflect his character as an artist and a person, making them relatable for anyone. 

The artist brings life back into the music industry by amplifying his raw talent. The artists’ voice is a refreshing treat for music lovers and eclipses mediocre artists in the music scene. Ken$hii Blakk does not hesitate to deviate from the status quo, bringing rap culture into a higher league and pushing the boundaries of the genre. The artist portrays impeccable professionalism and fearlessness as he chooses to go against the grain of mainstream hip-hop. 

Additionally, Ken$hii Blakk is a dedicated entrepreneur. Not only is the artist on point with his music, but he is also well-versed in terms of the business side of the industry. Having such knowledge and expertise makes Ken$hii Blakk an artist to reckon with and ensures the success of his career in the years to come. 

Ken$hii Blakk takes inspiration from some of the most prominent names in the music industry today, such as Kanye West and Jay Z. The artist aims to build his own legacy as to that of his idols by continually showing the world his talent and lyrical ability. Beyond sound, Ken$hii Blakk creates an entirely unique experience for his listeners as he shares his narrative with them through artistry. In no time, Ken$hii Blakk will have the world as his oyster.

To learn more about Ken$hii Blakk, visit his Instagram profile. Listen to his songs on Spotify.

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