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Hip-Hop Artist Ojefe, the Newest Star in the DMV

Rising artist Ojefe is becoming an increasingly familiar name in the world of hip-hop in the DMV. The rapper from Montgomery Village, Maryland, has been consistently dropping quality music and building his buzz throughout the DMV and beyond. He recently released his latest album, Landlord 3.

Born Omar Ramos, Ojefe is establishing himself as one of the most consistent independent artists from Maryland. The rapper comes from a Panamanian and Jamaican background, which he proudly embraces on social media and on his music videos. His latest visual release is a music video for “Snapping (Intro),” the first track of his 2020 album.

Ojefe credits music as a major influence on his life. He has loved rap music since he was a young child. He started writing his own lyrics in 2010 as a hobby. Through the years, he had been encouraged to keep it up by friends and family, who saw great potential in his work. He started taking his songwriting seriously in 2018, to the delight of his peers.

Ojefe prides himself on using an original format flow for his records and his hardcore off-beat rap style. “It’s comprehensive, and my lyrics are clear so people can understand what I’m rapping about,” he says. His music is a synthesis of 808 drums and traps beats filled with high energy and frequency. The up-and-coming artist is focused on maintaining streams with the hope of one day getting a record deal from a major company like Atlantic Records.

Ojefe is a master of hip-hop, and he has amazing adaptability when it comes to working in different situations—an important skill when collaborating with different bands and artists.

For the past two years, he has released over 32 music videos and has performed in 55 shows in major cities such as Washington, DC, Silver Spring, Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Wheeling, Brooklyn, and New York.

Arguably his most endearing quality is his humility as an artist and person. Ojefe has over 27,000 followers on Instagram and a growing fan base. Despite this, he always respects his fans, both on social media and in real life. This quality might have been influenced by his experience in the prison system. For four and a half years, he was behind bars as a consequence of his past mistakes.

However, it seems that this has only motivated him to work even harder to achieve his audacious dreams as a musician, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Ojefe aspires to break into the mainstream music scene and top the charts with his hip-hop idols. He also dreams of one day owning his own record label and running several businesses to give people opportunities to better themselves as his music career did for him.

He hopes that his story can inspire younger generations and those in incarceration with a similar passion for hip-hop culture to chase their dreams of becoming musicians. Ojefe is proof that anyone can carve out the future that they want despite the mistakes they made in the past.Ojefe’s music is available on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spinrilla, and Spotify. Watch his music videos on YouTube. Reach out to the artist on Instagram.

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