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Holistic Coaching Solutions Crafts an Exemplary Training Approach Towards Professional Development

At the heart of every business, large or small is its employees. However, for so many years, many organizations often underutilize the so-called “whole person” approach when it comes to training employees. Hence, this leads to missed opportunities for maintaining and retaining valuable employees. Seeing this as a recurring problem of many businesses, Roderick Mason of Holistic Coaching Solutions provides revolutionary programs to bridge this corporate industry gap.

Roderick Mason is a man of many things. He is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker Trainer Coach, Certified CBMC Leadership Coach, Certified Primal Health Coach, Certified Bucket List Coach, and a Licensed Diversity and Inclusion Trainer. He is a graduate of Loyola University and has made an impression of seeking higher knowledge and continuous improvement and growth.  As the founder of Holistic Coaching Solutions, he is laser-focused on delivering high-end corporate training services for organizations. Over the past several years, Roderick has played a pivotal role in transforming businesses to the next level by increasing its employees’ productivity and business revenues. 

The secret to his company’s success lies in top-notch training programs that take into account professional development and self-actualization. His program is divided into five essential elements. At the top are the diversity and inclusion training. This is intended to help employees collaborate and coordinate with their colleagues regardless of ethnic or religious background. 

Second, Roderick incorporates leadership consulting into organizations. Numerous studies have shown that corporate leaders who underwent coaching exhibited an increase in work quality. Through this program, business leaders become critical thinkers who can fulfill their organizational roles more effectively. As a result, leaders can easily empower their team members to do exceptional work. Moreover, subordinates can look up for inspiration and motivation from their effective leaders.

The third aspect of his holistic approach is wellness coaching. Being in the corporate sector, Roderick knew all too well how competitive and taxing the profession can be. His program aims to restore exhausted professionals’ energy by empowering them to become their best selves. This is done through setting goals, developing a healthy mindset, and forming healthy habits. 

The fourth component of Holistic Coaching Solutions is the bucket list coaching-life plan program. Roderick believes that when people thrive, organizations thrive right after. This solution is geared towards maintaining the mental health of employees in top form. Mentally healthy employees are considered to be the best performers in an organization. High levels of focus and productivity are consequences of the vibrant flow of emotional and mental energy from mentally strong-willed individuals.

The fifth element is peer groups. This training is mostly targeted at C level executives and professionals over the age of 40 years old. Business leaders deal with moments of existential crisis. It’s a normal process everyone undergoes at some point in their professional life. Roderick’s program helps individuals achieve a sense of fulfillment and purpose for better performance at the workplace. 

Now more than ever, coaching programs are an integral part of every organization’s business model. According to Roderick, employers need to invest in coaching and training their workforce to better the company.

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