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Horror Fellas NFT Sets Bar Higher with Interactive Collection Made for Augmented Reality App

An ambitious team of creators launches the Horror Fellas collection, bringing spooky yet spectacular tokens into the NFT landscape. The collection is part of a grand augmented reality mobile app developed by the creators to allow holders to make videos or take photos with their NFTs in the virtually conceived world.

Banking on augmented reality, the creators wanted to bring a whole new level of experience to prospective holders as they go above and beyond offering merely static tokens. Geared with a masterfully crafted virtual world, the creators aimed to disrupt the norm in the cryptocurrency field and blockchain arena. 

Although the holidays are nearing, the creators of Horror Fellas NFTs ensure that there’s still enough scares to go around. Bringing something fresh into the NFT industry, the creators wanted to present a collection that not many producers were able to pull off before. The Horror Fellas collection includes frightening characters made to stir excitement among investors who are also horror enthusiasts. On mint day, the creators will drop 10,000 variations of unique characters, each with their own personalities and individual traits.

Every character in the Horror Fellas collection is inspired by horror stories gathered across the globe. But to ensure that each horror character and their narrative are presented well in the NFT environment, the creators exercised their creative freedom to put their own unique twists, bringing modern elements into well-loved classic tales. 

Asked what inspired them to create the Horror Fellas NFT collection, the creators revealed that they all share a passion for anything spooky. They also explained how today’s NFTs are not catering to those who loved horror and were providing such investors with limited options. “We are avid fans of horror themes and are tired of seeing the trivial and joyful collections on the marketplace. Pixel art and cute animals are not about us! So instead, our artists work day and night to create infrequent and frightening characters for you.”

Millions of NFTs are emerging and making their way to the market every day, making the competition much more intense than when the concept was first conceived. For this reason, the creators strived to produce a collection that will not just blend in with the crowd but will stand out on its own. Indeed, they made Horror Fellas NFTs strong enough to dominate the entire Solana network despite its cutthroat competition.

This has worked out well for them, as popular figures like Arman Izadi have taken notice. Izadi is an NFT enthusiast, and he has Instagram posts about NFTs. Izadi took note of the “scary NFT. Like for Christmas” on Twitter.

The characters from the Horror Fellas NFT collection will find its way into the crafted augmented reality app during phase three of the project. By this stage, the creators will release filters and other functions which holders can use to bring their characters to life. Besides the fun of having interactive NFTs, the virtual world will also pave the way for connections to flourish among holders within the Horror Fellas community.

The Horror Fellas NFT collection is yet to announce when its mint day will be, but it is already gaining traction among NFT enthusiasts and cryptocurrency investors. However, the creators already revealed that each token would start at 1.2 SOL each, translating to $265. To learn more about the Horror Fellas NFT collection, visit its website and follow its Twitter account.

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