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Hot Off the Press: MetaVolution Is Here and It Looks Extremely Promising

NFTs have become a hot commodity in recent years. The meteoric rise of the industry has seeped into various parts of our modern world, with various brands transitioning into the metaverse and adapting Web3.0 technologies for the benefit of decentralization and reclaiming full control to the masses. As such, countless innovative NFT projects have come out of the woodwork, and one of these esteemed projects comes in the form of MetaVolution NFT.

MetaVolution NFT is a groundbreaking NFT project that utilizes the highest quality three-dimensional art with unique, distinctive details that perfectly balance realism and cartoon-like features. “We’ve put a lot of thought and work into making the art inclusive and relatable by having a 50/50 mix between men and women in the collection,” explained the project developers.

The MetaVolution NFT project is a Play-to-Earn On-Chain game that puts NFT enthusiasts in the middle of an immersive fantasy world filled with unique environments, distinct characters, and deep lore that holders can sink their teeth into. The story centers around residents of the metaverse called Immortals. These Immortals went through a dimensional portal called the Ark and suffered body modifications that they now have to live with.

The collection has 11 one-of-ones, which are 100% unique. The rest of the 8,778 tokens are procedurally generated with a wide variety of high-quality elements and attributes to make them distinct. NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and investors who want to be involved in a long-term P2E project will definitely find great value with MetaVolution.

The vast potential that the project offers is something that the metaverse has never seen before. Fans of manga, science fiction, and cyberpunk fiction will definitely find something they can latch on to within the community-based MetaVolution project.

The project creators post updates on Twitter and Instagram, and they foresee that their project will captivate a community of down-to-earth people who are looking to escape into a fantasy world that they can still relate to in some form or another. Gamers who enjoy RPGs will also find a great interest in the project. The MetaVolution NFT is akin to a video game without the unnecessary barrier of entry that permeates modern video games, such as mindless grinding.

“They must be looking for that excitement of completing quests to loot progressively more and more valuable rewards as they progress in our game ecosystem. We want to bring back the World of Warcraft type of loot experience after you finish a boss, but progressively and without having to be online and locked in the gameplay for five hours straight before being able to achieve it,” explained the MetaVolution team.

The breathtaking art of MetaVolution sets it apart from the rest of the metaverse. The unique digital art pieces utilize the perfect balance of realistic and cartoon elements that is unparalleled in the NFT world today. The project’s lore fits also complements the unique art style, featuring a world where survivors of a terrible pandemic had no choice but to go through a two-dimensional portal to gain a chance of survival.

“Before they could go through the Ark, the survivors had to subdue their body to cybernetic transformations and mutations that transformed them into unique, extraordinary beings. Since the story happens in the future, there are also sci-fi elements that are being added to the art to make it look futuristic,” shared the developers.

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