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How Dr. Christine Izuakor and Cyber Pop-up Bring Accessible Solutions to the Forefront of the Cybersecurity Industry

Dr. Christine Izuakor

Cybersecurity is expensive, and many companies spend millions of dollars just to ward off attacks from hackers who aim to exploit their data. Because it takes a lot of resources to do so, some companies opt to leave themselves vulnerable to attacks as they do not have the skillset and budget to protect their systems. Luckily, Dr. Christine Izuakor and Cyber Pop-up are here to help provide more accessible cybersecurity solutions to companies out there.

Cyber Pop-up is a start-up company that provides on-demand cybersecurity solutions at a more accessible price and manner. Powered by vetted and highly skilled security freelancers, Cyber Pop-up provides a platform that is trustworthy, flexible, and efficient for companies of all sizes.

Cyber Pop-up is reshaping the way cybersecurity works by utilizing the “gig economy” in a manner that is more trustworthy than traditional freelancing platforms do, allowing them to procure solutions for a friendlier price. Due to this unique set-up, Cyber Pop-up  gained the attention of some large companies who have utilized these solutions well before the company launched on July 13, 2020.

The company’s specialized service model allows customers to access  smaller cyber task forces to provide a bevy of cybersecurity solutions in a shorter amount of time. With its unique, made-to-order solutions, Cyber Pop-up always ensures that any client will get a solution that they can truly trust.

The company is the brainchild of Dr. Christine Izuakor, a Nigerian American cybersecurity expert who serves as Cyber Pop-up’s CEO. As Dr. Izuakor narrates, “This idea started brewing about seven years ago. Early in my career, I loved doing pro-bono cybersecurity projects for non-profits. I knew that they needed cybersecurity, but not all have access to affordable services, and I wanted to help. I quickly realized that small and medium-sized companies faced the same challenge, and the mass cyber talent shortage only made matters worse.”

WIth a master’s degree in information systems security from the University of Houston and a PhD in security engineering (the youngest and first African American woman to do so), Dr. Christine Izuakor has already had a stellar career in the world of cybersecurity, having worked with Fortune 100 companies for over a decade. However, her heart was always oriented toward service, so she decided to leave her six-figure job and create her start-up to bring more accessible cybersecurity solutions to companies everywhere.

Cyber Pop-up’s solutions are perfect for companies of any size, from small to medium-sized enterprises seeking to make their assets more secure from hackers to large businesses looking to expand the impact of their in-house cybersecurity team. Thanks to Cyber Pop-up’s efficient and user-friendly ordering process, any client can procure a team of freelance cybersecurity experts to assist them with multiple security projects, without having to break a sweat or break into the bank.

In five years, Dr. Christine Izuakor aims to make Cyber Pop-up into a juggernaut that would help make the world a more secure place, one pop-up project at a time. Aside from this, she also aims to inspire many people around the world to live a life of service and become a role model to many, inspiring them to achieve their dreams and letting them know that anything is possible, no matter where you start or come from.

To know more about Cyber Pop-up and how they can provide more accessible cybersecurity solutions, check out their website or follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. Connect with Dr. Christine Izuakor on her Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. 

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